MasterChef Season 10 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

This season’s MasterChef US judges are Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sanchez, and Joe Bastianich, all of whom had appeared on MasterChef season 10. Those who don’t succeed in a variety of challenges and dishes will be sent home.

The Fox Network broadcast MasterChef Season 10 from May 29 to September 18 of this year, including 20 contestants. The winner of MasterChef 10 received $250,000 in addition to the MasterChef trophy and training at the three judges’ restaurants.


The MasterChef 10 site will be updated on a weekly basis as participants are eliminated and new information comes to light.

When it comes to culinary reality shows, few have the same allure as “MasterChef.” Entering its 10th season, this iconic series has served as a launchpad for many aspiring chefs. Here’s a comprehensive, SEO-optimized guide detailing everything you need to know about MasterChef Season 10.

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A Brief Description of The MasterChef Show

Developed by Franc Roddam in 1990, MasterChef is a competitive cooking show television format that first aired in the United Kingdom in July of that year. Exec producers Roddam and John Silver, with series producer Karen Ross, resurrected the formula in February 2005 and revamped it for BBC One.

Banijay is selling the revitalised format over the world. MasterChef Australia was the first overseas adaption to debut in 2009. As a result, the show has been remade in a number of different nations.

What’s MasterChef TV Show About?

In a FOX cooking competition, MasterChef, amateur chefs compete for the crown and $250,000.00 in prize money. Joe Bastianich, a restaurateur, returns to the season nine judging panel after a four-year absence from the competition.

Along with the standard elimination, tag team, and restaurant takeover challenges, each judge will select a team of competitors to mentor throughout the season.

Format of the MasterChef Show

Using the MasterChef logo, the show’s format has been replicated in more than 40 nations and aired in more than 200 territories. MasterChef: The Professionals, Celebrity MasterChef, and the original MasterChef series have all featured professional working chefs as the contestants during the course of the show’s history.

A version for children was established in 1994 and has now spread to other nations, including the United States.

Season Nine Ratings

The 9th season of FOX’s MasterChef averaged a 1.00 demo rating and 3.52 million viewers. Comparing season eight to this season, the demo is down 9% and the viewership is down 3%. Compare MasterChef to other FOX television shows.

MasterChef Season 10

May 29, 2019, marked the beginning of the ninth season of MasterChef on Fox, which ended September 18, 2019.

It was great to have all three of the original judges back for a second round. Season winner Dorian Hunter was followed by former Army interrogator Sarah Faherty and college student Nick DiGiovanni in second and third place, respectively.

MasterChef Season 10 Cast

Chefs Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, and Joe Bastianich will return as host, mentor, and judge, respectively, for the tenth season of MasterChef.

To win the $250,000 big prize, they will select 20 of the best home cooks from a pool of culinary talent. The following 36 contestants are vying for a spot in the top 20 in Season 3:

  • Brielle Gunderson – Stay-at-Home Mom
  • David Ke – Electrical Engineer
  • Fred Chang – Revenue Analyst
  • Sarah Faherty – Former Army Interrogator
  • Deanna Colon – Vocal Coach
  • Camerron Dangerfield – Product Analyst
  • Dorian Hunter – Creeler
  • Noah Sims – Septic Systems Foreman
  • Alegan Garner II – Clinical Psychologist
  • Luca Schifanella – Scientist
  • Kelly Palazzolo – Carpenter
  • Liz Linn – Events Consultant
  • Micah Yaroch – Kitchen Porter
  • Vivian Aronson – Yoga Instructor
  • Windy Ross – Child Protection Supervisor
  • Manjula Sarkar – HR Director
  • Wuta Onda – English Teacher
  • Evan Tesiny – Sales Coordinator
  • Kimberly White – Shoe Designer
  • Lydia Carlston – Model
  • Shari Mukherjee – Stay-at-Home Mom
  • Charli Spiegel – Bartender
  • Subha Ramiah – R&D Director
  • Renee Rice – Receptionist
  • Sam Haaz – Attorney
  • Michael Silverstein – Real Estate Flipper
  • Nick DiGiovanni – College Student
  • Jason Keefe – Truck Contractor
  • Jamie Hough – Fisherman
  • Anthony Rivera – Telecom Service Manager
  • Ari Goodstein – Sales Manager
  • Allen Soriano – Entrepreneur
  • Bri Baker – Cocktail Server
  • Mollie Guerra – Account Manager
  • Sabina Pincus – Software Sales
  • Keturah King – Freelance Writer

MasterChef Season 10 Plot

The home cooks will face a series of challenges in the new season, including catering a former MasterChef winner’s wedding reception, feeding NASCAR drivers at the Irwindale Speedway. Also taking over dinner service at Chef Ramsay’s flagship London restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

During season 10, Ramsay said of the competitors, “Everyone is trying to outsmart us,” adding, “This competition is on a different level now.” As for the show’s executive producer, Natalka Znak, formerly of ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ will take over as chief showrunner this year.

Where Can I Watch Masterchef Season 10?

You won’t have to worry if you missed any of the episodes that aired on Fox. Hulu has them all available. In addition to Amazon Prime, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu, you can watch each episode of ‘Masterchef’ for $1.99. You may also find the episodes on Fox’s official website here.

Season 10 Winner Dorian Hunter

The results of the tenth season of MasterChef have been released. However, the revelation was hardly a shock to social media users. Contestant Dorian Hunter has been crowned the season’s champion. An earlier Facebook post showed her posing with host Gordon Ramsay and judges Aarón Sanchez and Joe Bastianich.

As well as previous competition winners Jennifer Behm (2nd season), Courtney Lapresi (5th season), Geron Hurt (Season 9), Whitney Miller (1st season) and Dino Angelo Luciana (8th season) and Shaun O’Neale (2nd season) (Season 7). The omission of Sarah Faherty of San Diego and Nick DiGiovanni of Rhode Island from the photograph was the first clue that something was amiss.

Where is ‘MasterChef’ Winner Dorian Hunter Now?

Dorian’s life appears to have taken a 180-degree swing since earning the ‘MasterChef’ title. Dorian was working as a creeler when she entered the MasterChef competition with the goal of building her own southern-style restaurant.

Unfortunately, she had to put her ambitious goals on hold due to financial difficulties. However, Dorian’s $250,000 prize money was a huge aid in realising her goals. In preparation for the publication of her debut cookbook, Dorian is “currently working on different recipes,” as stated on her website.

The concert featured an emotional monologue from Dorian about the death of her mother to breast cancer in 2017. Chef wants to utilise her platform to raise awareness about the condition and the necessity of screening. As a result, she intends to collaborate with cancer research institutions.

The Judges of MasterChef Season 10

MasterChef Season 10 boasted an impressive lineup of judges. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay returned, along with pastry chef Christina Tosi. Aarón Sanchez joined the panel, bringing a unique expertise in Mexican cuisine.

Created By and Original Network

The original “MasterChef” concept was created by Franc Roddam and made its debut in the UK. However, the U.S. version of the series, including Season 10, airs on the FOX network.

The Producers Behind the Show

MasterChef Season 10 was produced by Endemol Shine North America, One Potato Two Potato, and even featured Gordon Ramsay as an executive producer. These entities worked together to ensure the season was a massive hit.

Who Won Season 10?

Season 10 was a rollercoaster of emotions and culinary brilliance, culminating in a grand finale that saw Dorian Hunter crowned as the winner. Her win was monumental, as she was the first African-American woman to win the title, inspiring many to follow their culinary dreams.

The Wedding that Captured Hearts

In a first for MasterChef, Season 10 featured a wedding. Contestants Bri and Nick got married, marking an emotional high point in the season and adding a unique layer to the competition.

The Top 3 Contestants of Season 10

Along with Dorian Hunter, the top 3 included Sarah Faherty and Nick DiGiovanni. Each brought their unique style and culinary philosophy, making the finale one of the most anticipated episodes in MasterChef history.

The Richest MasterChef Winner

While it’s difficult to quantify the exact net worth of each winner, some reports suggest that Christine Ha, from an earlier season, has capitalized significantly on her win by opening multiple restaurants and even writing a cookbook.

However, given Dorian Hunter’s victory and increasing brand visibility, she might soon join or even surpass that list.

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Based on the BBC programme MasterChef, MasterChef is a spin-off of MasterChef. For this year’s competition, contestants prepare their dishes on the MasterChef soundstage in Los Angeles, CA.

It features a large kitchen with multiple cooking stations and an adjacent balcony as well as a pantry with plenty of food. It includes an area for freezing and chilling, and a fine dining restaurant with a seating area.

MasterChef Season 10 was not just another season of a cooking show; it was a celebration of diversity, love, and culinary excellence. From its celebrated judges to its memorable contestants, the season left an indelible mark on the show’s history.

Whether you’re a fan wanting to reminisce or a new viewer eager to dive into the world of MasterChef, Season 10 has something to offer for everyone. Share this article with fellow foodies and stay tuned for more delicious updates!