Manifest Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

After previously cancelling the critically acclaimed supernatural thriller Manifest, NBC has decided to bring it back for a fourth season.

NBC decided to discontinue the sitcom midway through its third season, which premiered on April 1, 2021.

Although Jeff Rake had anticipated for a six-season run, his disappointment at the show’s demise was palpable.


This page covers all you need to know about the upcoming fourth season of Manifest, including the premiere date, the trailer, the cast, and the streaming service.

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A Brief Description Manifest Series

Jeff Rake created the supernatural drama series Manifest, which premiered on NBC on September 24th, 2018.

After being missing for five and a half years, the passengers and crew of a commercial jetliner unexpectedly reappeared.

It features Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, J. R. Ramirez, Luna Blaise, Jack Messina, Parveen Kaur, Matt Long, and Holly Taylor.

The Manifest Season 4

Manifest, one of the most popular television shows of the previous few seasons, is on the verge of returning in the fourth season of Manifest on Netflix following its sudden cancellation by NBC.

When it comes to Manifest, we now know everything we need to know about its release date, cast, plot, and trailer ahead of what will be its final season.

Manifest, which was cancelled by NBC in June of last year, has returned for a fourth season, which will be available exclusively on Netflix.

Netflix and Warner Bros. confirmed that Manifest would launch on the streaming service in August 2021.

Filming for the fourth season began in November of that year, following discussions between the two companies.

What Could Happen in Manifest Season 4?

Many things, actually. Rake, the showrunner, will have to condense his three seasons’ worth of material into just 20 episodes in order to bring the series to a satisfying end. In an interview with EW, he stated: ”

“The final outcome will remain the same… I have no doubt that 20 episodes will be sufficient to portray the narrative in its whole, just the way I envisioned it.”

This season of Breaking Bad is going to be a little…different, according to Ben, Josh Dallas’ character on the show. Which is logical: To put it mildly, his character has just suffered a…huge loss.

Season 4 of Manifest Season Release Date

Because of the show’s success on the streaming service and fans’ efforts to save it via online petitions. Netflix announced in August 2021 that the final season of Manifest would be available on their platform.

The film’s release date has been set for November 2022, according to Jeff Rake. There’s no word yet on when the film will be released.

20 episodes will be available on Netflix for the fourth season, but not all of them will be released at once.

In order to make this possible, they’ll be issued in two or more instalments. In the season finale, these and many other stories will be examined.

Despite the fact that the show fell short of the time goal Rake had set for it, Rake is happy with the direction the show is heading in.

According to him, “the outcome will remain the same.” To present the complete story I’ve always envisioned, I’m confident that 20 episodes will provide ample space.

Who in the Cast for Manifest Season 4?

Actors were no longer contractually obligated to the show as of June 2021, according to Deadline’s Andreeva.

After the renewal was announced, most of the actors agreed to return in September, with the exception of one character who died at the end of season three and another who…unexpectedly matured (sorry, no spoilers here! ).

Daryl Edwards, who plays Vance, has been elevated to series regular status as well.

As a result, the character who suddenly grew older is being replaced by the older actor who appeared at the end of Season 3.

So sad that the two actors who won’t return for Season 4 of Manifest were so important, as Andreeva claims that the surviving cast members would receive “sizable compensation hikes.”

Why Netflix is Finishing the Show and not Continuing it Beyond Season 4

Netflix’s decision to continue the show for a single season may be a mystery to some viewers (which could be construed to Netflix simply renewing and instantly canceling).

Jeff Rake “offered Netflix execs with three alternative possibilities to wrap up the project,” which were “A two-hour movie, a six-episode limited series, or a full season” acording to the aforementioned Hollywood Reporter piece.

Since the show’s creator, Jeff Rake, originally intended for the series to run for six seasons, Netflix’s new season will get the show somewhat closer to that goal.

Where is Manifest Season 4 in Production?

Writers have been hard at work since the show was resurrected in August 2021. We were informed in early October 2021 that production would commence in November of that year.

Silver Cup Studios will once again host a large portion of the production, which will be shot entirely in New York.

In October 2021, Empire State Grips sent an Instagram message with the phrase “We are doing a thing again” to announce that they were preparing for filming.

On November 18th, Jeff Rake, the show’s creator, posted the first photo from the set of Manifest, confirming the show’s return.

The Manifest Season 4 Spoiler

No spoilers here, but the upcoming fourth season of Manifest will tie up loose ends and set up a showdown between the show’s two main antagonists.

An important figure was cruelly killed, while new information revealed by the 828s and the major players made a triumphant return.

Finding out what happened, where they are, and how they may help themselves before the time restriction of their second chance expires is a race for the Flight 828 crew to find out.

All of the crew members have to figure out what happened before they can go on with their lives.

It’s up to the team to figure out what they’ve done wrong and how they can fix it before the timer runs out on their second opportunity.

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Season 4 of Manifest will not be available in its entirety on Netflix at once. As well as being split into two parts, the movie won’t be available on Netflix in one go.

After Stephen King’s tweet, Jeff Rake claimed that the working release date for Manifest season 4 is November 2022.