Computer Software Update: 3 Reasons Big Sur May Be Better for You

If you are a Macbook user, you may have heard of the latest update coming in September: macOS Big Sur. With this update, macOS gets a fresh new redesign, many more productivity features, and other significant changes that will enhance your macOS experience.

If you’re wondering if this computer software update is right for your needs, then keep on reading. Not only can updates give your computer new life, but it can make it feel new again.

3 Reasons Big Sur May Be Better for You

Here are the three reasons Big Sur may be better for you and your needs.

1. Big Sur is the Biggest Redesign macOS Has Had in Years

You may be thinking, should I upgrade to Big Sur?

If you’re unsure, one of the most prominent elements of change is the user interface redesign. The user interface design is the most crucial element of any experience while using a machine.

With macOS Big Sur, Apple has unveiled a new bright and colorful interface that makes the experience of using your computer that much more fun. In addition to the colors, almost all of the icons have changed as well. Everything looks fresh and new, including the menu, icons, and text.

macOS Big Sur

Big Sur looks like a fusion of macOS and iOS, so if you are an iPhone user and are unsure of how to navigate macOS, Big Sur is a friendlier face and looks familiar. Additionally, this redesign integrates new features as well. For example, you are now able to customize your Safari browser and make things more personalized for your needs.

All in all, this new redesign gives macOS a fresh new look that is sure to be inviting. It marries together elements of macOS and iOS, genuinely helping the two software fuse together like never before and look cohesive and consistent across various devices.

2. New Features to Make Your Daily Use Better

As macOS Big Sur is attempting to merge in elements of iOS into its software, you can see that happen first hand in some of the new features available. MacOS Big Sur has now implemented a new Control Center, similar to the ones seen on iPhones.

This Control Center allows you to swiftly change WiFi connections, Bluetooth devices, and even Airdrop files across devices, as well as other things. Before this Control Center, you would have to go deep into settings to tweak these customizations. Now with this addition, you have everything organized in one place.

In addition to the Control Center, the Notification Center has also gotten a makeover. With macOS Big Sur, the Notification Center now combines notifications with widgets to give the user the most information as possible with ease.

New Features macOS Big Sur

The notification stores widgets, which are interactive depending on what app you wish to use. Taking from iOS 14, you can customize widget sizes and add them to a “widget gallery” that allows you to see all of your information perfectly.

You can also download third-party widgets from the App Store, allowing you to further customize your widgets for specific tasks or needs. Safari has also gotten a makeover as well. The redesign, as mentioned above, is not all that you can expect with this update, but also new productivity and integration features that can help elevate your browser usage.

For example, you are now able to change the wallpaper on Safari, integrate your Favorites, Siri Suggestions, iCloud Tabs, and even a Privacy Report integration. With this new computer software update, you are adding a lot more features to your Macbook. Moreover, these will help you get the most out of your machine.

3. Security, Privacy, and Battery Updates

When you use your Macbook, you want peace of mind that your data is secured and that your privacy is paramount. Additionally, you want software that is transparent with your uses and gives you valuable information about your data.

Security, Privacy, and Battery Updates

Similar to how the iPhone has added an emphasis on privacy, macOS Big Sur has taken that initiative and elevated it. As previously mentioned, macOS and iOS seem to be merging together with this new software update.

This comes into play with new security, privacy, and battery features. On Safari, there is a Privacy Report that gives the user information regarding how many trackers have been blocked from you or watching your internet usage. You can access these on a site by site basis, and they give you a clearer picture of how brands and companies that analyze your data for targeted ads.

Big Sur automatically blocks these from occurring, so you can browse with peace of mind. Additionally, Safari now analyzes your passwords that are brought by iCloud Keychain and checks for any data breaches. If any data is leaked, you are alerted and can quickly change the password.

In addition to the privacy and security features, Big Sur also adds a new detailed graph of your battery usage history. Battery Usage History allows you to see exactly how your battery drains and how to optimize your use possibly, so it does not drain as often.

You can also make the call to tweak certain functionalities to help preserve your battery throughout the day.


The relationship between iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur is a close one, and they seem to have similar designs and features to help enhance the overall macOS experience.

If you are on the fence about this computer software update, think about the convenience features you will have when you upgrade. Even if you don’t use an iPhone, the continuity across macOS Big Sur with your Apple ID is seamlessly and creates a great experience that works.

All in all, macOS Big Sur brings a new redesign, functionality, and features that elevate your privacy and security. These updates are a definite win and can help you enjoy your machine more.

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