Luis Arias Defeats Jarrett Hurd With Mayweather Pauls Undercard

Jarrett Hurd and Luis Arias didn’t hold back from putting on a furious exhibition in the first traditional fight of the Mayweather vs. Paul undercard.

There were highs and lows in the middleweight fight, with moments of complete dominance from both fighters. However, Arias successfully grabbed the win with a split decision of 97-93, 96-93, 94-95.

Luis Arias Defeats Jarrett Hurd With Mayweather Pauls Undercard

The bloodied and battered faces of Hurd and Arias after their fight within the ropes were indicative of the intensity of their conflict.

There was a chance the conflict might finish in a blow, but each man struck the other with his best effort.

Though both parties landed powerful blows, they continued to fight it out. Instead, they continued coming forward, thereby exciting their followers.

Arias’s most recent performance was a hit despite the canvas’s destruction caused by the commotion.

Several observers had predicted that Jarrett Hurd would win this bout before it even started. But Arias showed off his skills appropriately.

The Florida native started unloading heavily as the bout progressed. Meanwhile, it looked like Jarrett Hurd was relying more on jabs. Let’s take a look back at some of the fight’s most exciting sequences.

Jarrett Hurd Looked Like a Shadow of Himself Against Luis Arias

Even though Hurd improved in the fifth round, Arias still won the fight. In the final minute of round 6, Hurd landed a hard right hook on Arias, but Arias quickly recovered and finished the round strong.

Hurd came from behind to win a round that Arias lost with poor body language. In round 7, Hurd lost his cool and dropped Arias twice with low blows.

Even though it didn’t appear to be on purpose, the referee cautioned him twice. The score was not reduced in any way.

As the conflict between Hurd and Arias escalated, they began to physically attack one another.

It would appear like Arias will continue to win the fight in the remaining rounds, however in round 9 the referee incorrectly ruled a knockdown after Arias tripped and was shoved to the ground.

Round 10 saw Arias continue to startle Hurd with right punches. He made it to the finish line, but not without a bloody face and some damage to his reputation.


Though boxing fans may have had varying levels of serious interest in Sunday’s highly publicised battle between former pro boxing star Floyd Mayweather and YouTube celebrity Logan Paul, for Milwaukee native Luis Arias, it was a serious and triumphant event.

A former super welterweight titleholder, Jarrett Hurd, was one of Arias’ opponents in one of the two sanctioned undercard events for the event in Miami, and Arias managed to pull off an upset by winning a split decision.