5 Best Low Light Photography Mobile Cameras in 2023

The thing that I like the most about my mobile is its camera. Just ten years ago, we had to carry digital cameras around for good-quality photographs. Now we have a range of smartphones housing better camera modules and good colour processing tech. However, just because the mobile camera has a 108 MP sensor doesn’t make it a good one for low light photography.

When it comes to low light conditions, even popular brands fail to impress.  So it can be tough to find a mobile that can produce good quality images even in dark conditions. If I ever wanted to recycle mobile phones for better photography, I’d surely choose from the list below. Also remember, one can get better deals selling phones online than in offline stores. Without further delay, let’s get started.

Low Light Mobile Cameras

1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Even after the release of the new S21 Ultra, the Galaxy S20 Ultra remains the best for low-light photography. This mobile phone has the hardware and the processing capability to produce good results even in the dark. Plus, you do not compromise on other aspects like the battery and performance. It has a 120 Hz display with 3088 x 1440 pixels resolution that displays all your pictures with the best quality.

5 Best Low Light Photography Mobile Cameras in 2021

It has a triple-lens 108 MP camera module mounted at the rear, and it offers up to 100x zoom. According to user reviews, it produces better color saturation than other mobile cameras in this price range. Another advantage is that it lets you take full manual control over the camera. Letting you tweak like a pro. It is truly an all-rounder mobile that suits everyone from photographers to gamers.

2. Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel’s camera always seems to perform best when it comes to low-light photography. In comparison with previous versions, Pixel 5 has improved a lot in terms of the camera sensor, RAM, and battery.

The 16 MP camera sensor produces an excellent wide-angled picture, retaining all the colors of the objects in the image. It doesn’t over saturate the image, giving it a real feel. Plus, the image texture doesn’t look too sharpened, as was the case with all the previous versions.

3. iPhone 12 Pro

Apple outperforms every other brand when it comes to making it feel premium. May it be the hardware or the OS. Unfortunately, it has the same 12 MP image sensor, which is much smaller when compared to the competitors. However, the megapixels alone do not make a good picture quality. So the iPhone makes up for the sensors with other things like faster and better image processing.

It has telephoto lenses that help in retaining the original colors of the objects seen through the camera. An impressive addition is the use of LiDAR for portraits in low-light conditions. It produces an accurate background blurring effect even in total darkness. You can easily upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro by selling old mobile phones for cash online. So that you can enjoy the new and improved Night Mode.

4. Huawei P40 Pro

Unlike all the above devices, this comes at a fairly reasonable price. You can intelligently capture all your night-life moments with the 50 MP quad-camera setup. It has all the qualities of making it an all-rounder mobile. It has a good battery life, a decent processor, and an OLED display for crisp colors.

It produces a 12 MP image output without much distortion and softening. Also, the device brings out the dynamic range in low-light settings using multispectral sensors. This added sensor truly works wonders in the camera output in the dark.

5. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Probably the most surprising candidate in this section. Xiaomi has rolled out the new Mi 11 Ultra which has excellent features at a reasonable price. This device matches the dynamic range of Samsung’s S20 Ultra, but at a fairly lower cost. Also, this device offers a tiny rear display that you can customize. Furthermore, Xiaomi also solves the wobbling issue due to bulky camera modules in this device.


If you ask me, I’d gladly sell my mobile to get my hands on mobiles like these. They help us capture our fun night moments just the way they are.