Lola Bunny Challenge

Many people who utilise social media have been permanently traumatised by the recent rediscovery of the Lola Bunny Challenge. Just so you know, when last year’s Space Jam: A New Legacy came out, the vast majority of moviegoers had problems with the Looney Tunes character’s redesign.

Zendaya lent her voice to the animated character Lola Bunny. Some viewers believed that the character of Lola was being objectified as she was given more traditionally feminine characteristics. Lola wore miniskirts and crop tops throughout the film.

When that happened, the Lola Bunny Challenge went viral online. Keep reading to find out what this test entails.

Lola Bunny Challenge

Social media has an uncanny ability to amplify trends overnight, and TikTok, with its dynamic and young user base, often stands at the forefront of these viral sensations.

One such trend that took the platform by storm is the “Lola Bunny Challenge”. If you’re keen on understanding the ins and outs of this challenge, you’ve come to the right place.

What is the Lola Bunny Challenge?

The Lola Bunny Challenge involves TikTok users reenacting or referencing iconic moments and characteristics associated with Lola Bunny, a beloved character from the “Space Jam” movie.

The challenge often sees users dressing up, replicating her moves, or creatively incorporating elements reminiscent of the character into short video clips.

In 2022, the Lola Bunny Challenge is back.

What you just read is correct. Know Your Meme provides a comprehensive breakdown of where the Lola Bunny Challenge first appeared online. The site’s visitors have been warned that sexually explicit material can be found there. Read at your own risk.

After an artist named Chelodoy posted a piece of fan art portraying Lola Bunny on several social media sites, the distressing tendency apparently became public knowledge.

Now, the Lola Bunny Challenge is once again a top topic of conversation on Twitter. We would prefer that you avoid the challenge, as would many others.

What Kind of Responses did the Lola Bunny Challenge Get on the Internet?

Upon discovering the Lola Bunny Challenge, many users of the social media platform were taken aback. They’ve gone as far as asking the public to avoid the test.

Warnings about the Lola rabbit challenge have been sent on social media, with one user tweeting, “Don’t search Lola bunny challenge,” and another writing, “Don’t search Lola bunny challenge on here because some of those things look disgusting.”

Someone then commented, “Lola Bunny Challenge really shouldn’t be on Twitter.” It was fun to take part in the silhouette challenge and the drop it like it’s hot. Idk what I was expecting the Lola rabbit challenge to be, but it wasn’t that,” the user continued. Shocked? Entirely. An issue for you? Umm.”

What Exactly was the Problem With “Space Jam: A New Legacy”?

Many people were dissatisfied with the way Lola was recast in Space Jam: A New Legacy. Filmmaker Malcolm D. Lee addressed the issue, saying he set out to create a “fully realised Lola.” As Malcolm put it in an interview, “This is 2021.

Having realistic portrayals of women who are strong and capable is crucial. She’s the most like a real person of any of the Tunes because she doesn’t have any of the stereotypically alien traits.

Lee continued, “So we revised a lot of things, not only her look, like making sure she had a proper length on her shorts and was feminine without being objectified, but gave her a real voice. We thought, “Let’s give her some real-world athleticism and leadership chops, and round her out to be a fully realised character like the rest of them.”

Where Did the Lola Bunny Challenge Originate?

The challenge, as the name suggests, is based on Lola Bunny from the classic film “Space Jam.” While Lola Bunny has been a recognizable character since the movie’s 1996 release, the challenge’s origins on TikTok can be attributed to the buzz around the “Space Jam: A New Legacy” movie, which reintroduced Lola Bunny to a new generation.

Who Created the Lola Bunny Challenge?

Pinpointing a single creator for most TikTok challenges can be challenging due to the platform’s collaborative nature.

However, as users began to pick up on the Lola Bunny theme, especially in light of the new “Space Jam” movie, multiple influencers and creators played pivotal roles in popularizing the trend, giving it the name “Lola Bunny Challenge.”

Why is the Lola Bunny Challenge Famous on TikTok?

Several factors contributed to the challenge’s virality:

  • Nostalgia: For many, “Space Jam” holds a special place. The challenge provided a perfect blend of nostalgia for older users and novelty for newer fans.
  • Creativity: The challenge allowed for a wide range of interpretations, from makeup transformations to dance routines, ensuring that content remained fresh and engaging.
  • Celebrity Engagement: Several influencers and celebrities jumped on the bandwagon, further amplifying the challenge’s reach.

Some Facts About the Lola Bunny Challenge on TikTok:

  • Millions of Entries: The challenge garnered millions of entries, with users from all over the world participating.
  • Diverse Participation: People of all ages took part, highlighting the cross-generational appeal of “Space Jam” and Lola Bunny.
  • Merchandise Boom: As with any significant trend, merchandise related to Lola Bunny saw a surge in sales, from costumes to accessories.

Is the Lola Bunny Challenge on TikTok Good?

Like many viral challenges, the Lola Bunny Challenge’s reception was largely positive:

  • Promotion of Creativity: The challenge encouraged users to get creative, showcasing their unique interpretations and talents.
  • Community Building: Many users collaborated, fostering a sense of community and shared nostalgia.
  • Entertainment: At its core, the challenge provided light-hearted entertainment, brightening up the TikTok feeds of many.

However, as always, users are encouraged to approach challenges with a sense of caution and ensure personal safety and respect for others.


The Lola Bunny Challenge underscores the power of TikTok in reigniting cultural phenomena, blending the lines between nostalgia and contemporary entertainment. As with all trends, its essence lies in fun and creativity, but it’s always essential to participate responsibly. Happy TikToking!