The Best Linux VPS Virtual Server Provided By IKOULA

First of all, we should make you aware of the Linux VPS Virtual Server. It determines the elasticity of the high performance of Linux VPS. IKOULA’s first cloud computing brick is the VPS Flex’ Server. Generally, IKOULA is a virtual dedicated server that combines the energy of the dedicated server and the flexibility of the Virtual Server.

Every server of IKOULA is inked with the Linux hosting systems. Linux is basically open-source software. It gives permission to use the Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl, or MySQL. The Linux hosts the web pages, content management systems, and the applications very ideally.

The Best Linux VPS Virtual Server Provided By IKOULA

Services Available with our Linux VPS

LINUX VPS offers a large amount of opportunities that will help you to customize your virtual servers. All the best options are mentioned below. Go through them one by one.

1. Hardware Independence: the Hardware Independence came from the restraints of management hardware like Raid, SWAP, data IO, etc. which are supported by IKOULA. It will help the customer to gain all the benefits of a dedicated server when you are an administrator allowed with complete access.

2. Flexibility and Freedom: The best part that Linux VPS offers is the flexibility of the app. According to the Linux VPS, it adapts collects and uses the resources that are compulsorily used in the user’s projects. Are the resources grown in total autonomy?

3. Snapshots of VPS: The Snapshot service allows the users to update or operate to take place. Also, it permits the users to create the backup of a disk at a particular time. If you want to found the same data, you will have to create the client portal.

4. Administrative interface: the Linux users need to go to the historic, consumption, and statistics of your Linux VPS that will set the DNS, MX security and also scans the functions and times services offer.

5. Backup VHD: The members of the company have to save the virtual hard disk, whether for iOS, data, or Snapshots. It must be saved by the virtual hard disks of your VPS with “ikeepinclod.”

6. Outsourcing from €50 per month: If you need to get partial or complete management of the VPS through your technical terms. You just need to subscribe the outsourcing contract. In order to get some other helps you are all free to contact our sales teams.

Linux VPS Virtual Server Pricing

Linux VPS Virtual Server offers 50% OFF on the first subscription with 1, 3 or 6 months of commitment (this offer is available on Flex and FlexiCloud plans, without options). Validity of the offer until the december 31st 2020. The offer is not combinable with other promotions. 1000 available coupons – Maximum 6 coupons/person.

IKOULA's Linux VPS Virtual Server Price

The best subscription value is Flex Server 4. It includes 4 CPU Processor, 4 GB Memory, 150 GB HDD and 100 Full duplex for €22,49 ($24.58 USD), though the plan is monthly.

What is IKOULA?

IKOULA is a website developed in February 1998. This website is an expert in hosting webs, dedicated servers as well as cloud computing. IKOULA has its two own Data Centers located in France. They are Reims and Eppes. Also, the IKOULA has two business units situated in Netherland and Spain.

IKOULA launched a solution named “CloudIKOULAONE” that is obtainable in 3 different continents, namely, Europe, America, and Asia. Apart from these facilities, IKOULA also offers 10 different languages with accurate fluency. This website provides its services through the day (24/7) so that they can help users with their projects.

Hosting in France and on site support

Why Choose IKOULA?

The best thing about IKOULA is their motto that says, “We host with care“. However, some appropriate reasons will help you to trust IKOULA. We have discussed the reasons below:

1. Knowledge and Expertise built on a long History: Nowadays, IT business has grown rapidly and made a great place in the market. However, it is clear that every company cannot use the right path. However, Only some of the IT companies have the courage to claim that they have selected a clear way for evolution.

These companies have built a solid and expert technical team to work efficiently. IKOULA is one of those companies. IKOULA has served for 20 plus years without any false activities. In fact, they have used real business plans built around the Human Being to offer the best qualitative service to its clients. IKOULA promises to serve the best service of IT Solutions to its users.

2. When Human Beings drive Innovation: Technologies can never stand without Humans. We can depict that technologies are beautiful inventions of humans. There are the number of people with teams that create innovations. IKOULA and its team work very hard to provide the best, supportable and answerable hosting as much as it can be.

IKOULA believe that they must offer new and actual products, service, or solution as this is in their DNA and makes the users trust the website. To prove the statement, we also want you to know that IKOULA is the first company that sold 100% dedicated online servers to its users.

3. Proximity and Responsiveness for a better Quality: IKOULA promises a continuous evolution. This company offers the best service to its users every single day to make their experience more exciting. Therefore, all credit goes to the continuous and proactive support of the team. Also, IKOULA follows strict stipulations regarding each and every user.

After the specification, IKOULA consolidates all the best answers and tutorials and expose them to a public Knowledgebase known as WIKI, to help their customers.


We recommend IKOULA’s Linux VPS Virtual Server. It has ranked at or near the top for everything that IKOULA offers. Every best option is mentioned here. In addition, they offer strong 24/7 support.

If you have any question, go for it and will respond to you. We also make great efforts to achieve to provide the best advice on the internet, and we are here to help you in any way we can. Thanks!