A List of Useful Apps That Will Help You Change Your Life

Life is a rollercoaster that can take you through the highest highs and drop you to the lowest lows just as easily. The people who get to live life on their own terms do so by being intentional with their thoughts and actions.

Even then, it can still be challenging to stay happy and at peace consistently. That’s why mental health is a serious global issue. Luckily, the modern digital world is full of valuable tools that can help you through your struggles and support your efforts in bettering yourself.

A List Of Useful Apps That Will Help You Change Your Life

3 Best Useful Apps That Will Help You Change Your Life

In today’s review, we’ll take a look at four fantastic smartphone apps that are designed to enhance different aspects of your life.

1. Tobee

Tobee is designed to improve your mindset by delivering affirmation to your home screen at certain intervals. It eases worry and anxiety and instills positivity.

The developers of Tobee have designed the affirmation to address four critical aspects of life:

  • Gratitude
  • Self-confidence
  • Love for life
  • Relaxation

By supporting these four areas, the app will completely change your life if given a chance.

How the application works is really simple. First, you’re given the freedom to choose among 30+ affirmations from the four categories mentioned above. There’s also the option of writing your own affirmation. After you’re done picking the motivational messages, go ahead and select your favorite tone from the four soothing audios provided.

Once you’re done with the set-up, it’s time to read your affirmations as they pop up and follow the instructions. This is perhaps the most challenging part since it requires commitment. The notification will pop up at different intervals, and they’ll probably catch you doing something else. You must be devoted enough to drop whatever you’re doing, read the affirmation, and do what it asks of you. This is the only way to get the best out of this app.

Some people use Tobee alongside a health and nutrition app. The combination works really well as the fitness app gives you healthy eating tips, while Tobee provides the motivation and positivity you need to stick to a healthier lifestyle. The app has both free and paid versions. It’s also available for both android and iOS.

2. Forest

Staying focused is something that a lot of people struggle with. Many reports claim we are living through the most distracted generation ever. Why? Well, there are many factors to blame, key among them is digital notifications. Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, emails, and electronic newsletters all try to push messages to our inboxes, making it really hard to focus on any particular task.

The irony is that the same technology responsible for creating all the distractions has also come up with the solution. Forest is an app created to keep digital distractions at bay and boost focus and productivity. The developers came up with an ingenious way of encouraging users to stay away from their phones by planting a virtual tree hence the name Forest.

To use the app, set the time you want to stay off your phone. Once the timer starts, you will see a tree grow on your home screen. The longer you stay away from your phone, the bigger the tree grows. If you get through the set block of time without canceling the timer, the fully grown tree will join the virtual forest on your screen. If you interrupt the timer, the tree dies.

Forest is available for Apple and Android devices. It has both free and premium versions. As you can expect, the paid version offers more features, e.g., it lets you listen to audio that can enhance your focus. Rainforest sounds are by far my favorite audio.

3. Trello

Life Changing Apps

Trello is an advanced form of a to-do list that can be used as a project management tool. The app is great for collaboration allowing teams to share key details on projects and specific tasks. The application is designed with boards where the project is stored.

The board is then broken down into lists where you can add tasks. Attached to the lists are cards providing the finer details of each task. Trello is a great option if you are struggling to keep track of your projects. The tool is available for PC and smartphones.

Do not underestimate the ability of a smartphone app to transform your life. The best part is that the applications have free versions that allow you to experience their impact without spending a single dime. You’ll probably have to endure an ad or two, but the apps will get the job done at the end of the day.