Is There Life Beyond Social Media?

Very few would doubt that social media is one of the most influential phenomena on Planet Earth right now. It impacts our life a lot. Nearly half of the entire global population uses social media; research says that the number is no less than four billion. Much more striking than the number of people using it is the amount of time they use it daily.

Statistics say that figure averages out to be a whopping two to three hours; if you take out eight hours for sleep and another ten for work and commute, you will come to the conclusion that humans spend one-third of their lives on social media!

Why Explore A Life Without Social Media?

Social media has served as a very impactful medium for artists to showcase their talent and dissidents to fight injustice in oppressive regimes. To this extent, the phenomenon has been nothing but good for the world.

But, the truth is that very in the human race are spending two to three hours a day for such noble causes. The overwhelming majority of social media users, mostly youth, just use social media to hold casual communication with one another and for scrolling through newsfeeds and stories of ‘friends’ they could not care less about.

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When asked about why they spend so much time on something that neither benefits them nor provides them with a lot of joy, they all seem to have a similar answer:

“We have got nothing better to do.”

For these kinds of people to stop wasting their time on performing useless activities on social media, we have enlisted some of the many awesome activities you can participate in once you stop spending so much time on social media.


Remember, when we were kids and used to play soccer in the local park with other kids from our community? Well, it is time to bring that time back! Turns out, “outgrowing” is not the right word when talking about us abandoning that lifestyle when we got older; playing sports each and everyday for a significant chunk of time was much better for our physical health than laying on our bed and scrolling through Instagram feeds.

Also, as the health of the mind is related to the health of your body, ditching social media for sports will also be good for your mental health. This will, in turn, have a very positive effect on your personal life, in terms of better relationships, and your professional life, in terms of better job performance.

Board Games

Board games are not that popular these days but if you are a Gen-Z or Gen Alpha, go ahead and ask your parents about them. You will definitely get a response full of melancholy as they are sure to have loved their time playing board games. Fortunately for you, it is never too late to form a community that plays them.

In fact, you can even use social media to perpetuate this alternative to social media. Now, that sounds clever, no? Even in the case that you do not find enough people to play these games, you always have your loved ones at home to play with.

Board games don’t just help you pass your free time; they are actually good for you as you are spending more time with people in person. Research says that even hugging people during greetings makes you happier and reduces the likelihood of you falling into depression. As in the case of the mental health benefits because of sports, board games also have the potential to improve your personal and professional life.

Card Games

Another way to spend your time in person with other people is by playing card games. Card games provide you with the same benefits to your mental health as board games do. Moreover, as they are shorter than board games, you have more freedom in terms of scheduling your day.


Perhaps, the best way to spend the time you free up by not using social media is to read books. Book reading gives you knowledge about the world and equips you to deal with difficult, complicated, and/or unprecedented situations in life. Another advantage of reading is that you get better at reading! And reading is a very monetizable skill. Think of all the jobs out there that require you to read a bunch of material online for the benefit of big corporate companies.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article helps you understand that there is, indeed, a life beyond social media. We are not advocating for you to deactivate your profile and stop subscribing to Xfinity internet deals or whatever internet package you are subscribed to; all we want you to know is that you can spend your time in much better ways than scrolling through Instagram aimlessly.