Launching A Clothing Brand? These 7 Marketing Tips Will Surely Help You

The fashion industry is a pretty tough nut to crack on the world wide web due to the tough competition. The introduction of the eCommerce industry has helped fashion to become categorized into several domains. Some of them include clubbing clothes, professional attire, casual wear, high-end tea parties, and much more.

Many popular clothing lines have already established their brand image over the years. Hence, it could become a little challenging to capture genuine customers. Therefore, you have to adopt clever marketing techniques to establish your clothing business as a brand.

7 Tips to Improve your Marketing Strategy 

Marketing is the most important aspect of any business. It helps your target audience to know about the product or services offered by you. There are many ways to capture your target market for your business.

Here are some helpful tips to reach a wider audience.

1. Think of a Creative Trademark

When it comes to clothes, some names like Zara, Nike, or Puma are some of the first brands you think of. These companies have successfully associated their trademark with fashion. You’ll also notice that their names are easy to say and remember.

Therefore, you have to come up with a similar name for your business trademark. Make sure that it’s easy to remember and catchy as well.

Think of a Creative Trademark

However, you can try to come up with designer names as well. For instance, brands like Delamode, Jimmy Choo, or Gucci are more carved, designed, and elaborate.

You can take help from professional trademark developers or logo makers to help you out. A little investment can go a long way.

2. Define your Trait 

Most of the major fashion brands have a defining trait. Puma and Nike are known for their sports collection, while Gucci and Prada are known for their luxurious collection. Also, they are always setting new trends or catching up with the existing ones.

Hence, you have to make sure that you’re up to date with the latest trends as well. Once you get left behind, your consumers could lose interest in your collection.

Incorporate the latest fashion trends into your designs. You can introduce a new trend or defining trait to make your clothes stand out in the market.

Make sure that they have a sense of exclusivity or are eye-catching. For instance, the introduction of ‘Hourglass jeans’ eliminated the need to try several jeans to suit your natural figure. It’s a high waist pair of jeans that do wonders by complementing all shapes and sizes of the waist.

Similarly, you can come up with something new that is relevant or make people realize that they need your product for a reason that did not exist before. This will help your brand become relevant and gather a huge consumer base.

3. Compelling Digital Marketing 

Digital and social marketing plays an important role in popularizing or promoting a clothing brand. Social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter help your target consumers to discover your products online.

The most common ways to promote through digital marketing include creating blog posts, infomercials, videos, and cold emails. Here, the best way to promote your products is by making professional videos.

There are many online tools and guides to help you make your first video content. Creating promotional videos is very easy and readily available at sites like

4. Set up a Digital Shop 

Almost all types of businesses have an eCommerce website. At this age, you can become successful by owning an online store as opposed to owning a physical shop.

The majority of people love to do their shopping online. It helps them to save time and money to a degree. Also, the current major brands have their websites already set up for their consumers.

Setting up a digital store will not only increase conversion rates but get you more consumers as well. Nowadays, owning a digital shop is as smooth as cooking pasta. A well built or designed online site can open the ways of success for you.

Don’t forget to tie-up your online store with a local courier business to save some extra money. You can easily manage your online store through online platforms or hire a professional.

5. Host Fashion Programs 

You must know that businesses involved or connected with the fashion industry host some major fashion shows. Similarly, you can look for sponsors or become a sponsor at any of those programs. Investing in this idea will get your name out there and make your company known.

You can also showcase some of your best designs to be worn by models on the runway. Apart from that, you can be active on social media and partake in fundraising programs to help the needy.

This will put your brand in the favorable limelight and get you some free advertising. Once you get enough followers and online attention, you can start promoting your products on social media. Hence, you can use a free online promo video maker to visually demonstrate your products to the customer and grab their attention.

6. Engage Your Audience 

All customers love sales and offer while shopping online. This is an excellent marketing technique to urge customers to buy at your store. Hence, you can run occasional promotions or giveaways with special discount codes to keep your consumers happy.

You can let them know about these concessions via social media posts, pamphlets, search engine ads, or emails. The most common offers provided are percentage savings on the total bill amount. As a result, consumers will spend money on products that they would not spend in a normal scenario.

7. Recommend your Products to Consumers 

The fashion industry is the most creative industry with a range of choices. For the most part, designer clothes are seldom repeated to provide exclusivity. Sometimes, this can confuse the buyers as well.

Therefore, you can periodically post your latest designs so that they are aware of the current trends. Make sure that your product fits their sense of requirement and urge them to buy it from your store. You can also guarantee a sale if you offer a discount on the minimum purchase amount.


To summarize, adopting creative marketing techniques can help your new clothing business to boom almost overnight.

Promoting your brand online via Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing can help you grow your business. Focus on gaining online recognition for your products and keeping your consumers satisfied.