Las Vegas For Beginners

Las Vegas is one of the casino capitals of the world. With its bright lights, fast-paced excitement and Hollywood lifestyle – there really is no place like it. Las Vegas, otherwise known as ‘Sin City’, has 144 casinos, with the majority of them housing not just a casino, but many floors of gaming alongside pools, shopping centers, spas, nightlife, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues – all within a luxury resort hotel.

Whether it’s your first time to Las Vegas or your 101st, it can be hard to know just where to start. So, we’ve put together a short list of everything you need to know about your first trip to Vegas.

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The Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is 4.2 miles long and runs from Mandalay Bay to the Stratosphere. On average, it’ll take you 90 minutes to walk from one end of The Strip to the other, without stopping. The Strip can be extremely busy, but that’ll just add to the exciting atmosphere and hustle and bustle of your trip.

During the day, some things you can do in Las Vegas include:

  • Taking a photo with the ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada’ sign
  • Enjoying a Gondola ride at The Venetian
  • Watching the beauty of The Bellagio fountains
  • Finding the ‘selfie’ spots all over The Strip.

The Casino

Deciding what casino resort to stay in is another huge part of your trip to Las Vegas. There are some more well-known names, such as The Bellagio, Flamingo and Venetian, which’ll truly immerse you in the movie-star lifestyle, but it completely depends on your budget. There are many other resorts on The Strip, or just outside it, that’ll provide you with an exciting experience and a slightly more cost-efficient place to rest.

Las Vegas for Beginners

Top tip: Make sure you wear a watch to keep track of time, and always remember to stick to your daily budget when playing.

Casino Gaming

If you’re new to the casino scene, then you could practice your gameplay at an online casino such as, where you’ll find an exciting array of games with many variations, so you’ll know the rules and tricks of the trade when it comes to stepping foot in a brick-and-mortar establishment.

For a beginner, playing Blackjack is always recommended as it’s the game with the lowest house edge – and it’s easy to learn, and play. When playing games of chance like Roulette, placing an outside, or even-money bet is your best option. They may not offer the best pay-outs, but have the smallest odds, as you learn the game.

Plan Your Events

There’s always something going on in Sin City, so check out the events that are on whilst you’re there and pre-book so you don’t miss out. You could be seeing your favourite popstar one night, attending the hottest nightclub on The Strip the next, or watching a magic show before filling your calendar with the latest comedy performances.

There are even farmers markets, food tours and so much more. Just do some research for the dates you have booked, and enjoy!

Getting Around

On your first time anywhere, it’s a great idea to take a tour of the city to get to know your way around, see the sights and figure out if there’s anything else you want to see or do. The Las Vegas Lights Night Tour departs from Bally’s Box Office Entrance Bus Ramp and lasts for around three and a half hours – the perfect amount of time to soak up the city. If you want to make your trip a little less taxing on your feet, then you could rent a car or make the most of Vegas’ trams and shuttle busses.

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