Mobile Usage is on the Rise, But Laptops are Still King

Browsing on your smartphone is convenient, as more sites tailor towards mobile usability. Nevertheless, a computer still trumps phones for a plethora of reasons.

However, no one can deny how far mobiles have come in the past decade, mainly because of the emergence of apps, and how they have totally transformed our lives. Notably, apps are more difficult to make than websites and to be successful, they must be on Google Play Store and the App Store. To understand further we have written an article on how apps are made.

Laptops are Still Better Than Phones

We delve into the argument further and have categorized the key differences between using a laptop and using a phone. So let’s get started!


Mobile gaming has come leaps and bounds over the last few years, accounting for 40% of all gaming. As smartphones are powerful, individuals can play all their favorite games from PUBG to Call of Duty. And with improvements in HTML5 technology, people can even play casino games on the go.

This is a trend that is becoming popular in places in Thailand and to help players, there are platforms that compare all the best betting sites The page provides in-depth reviews on each operator and gives advice on how to play legally, and when you are ready to play, you can claim a big welcome bonus.

You can play casino games across all devices, whereas when on a laptop, the bigger screen makes it more clear. This is the case with every type of game, not just casino ones.


For intricate design work, having a mouse is so much easier than just using a finger while on your smartphone. It is much more precise, allowing you to make more intricate designs. Moreover, the tools available on websites dwarf that of apps, so if you are a designer, having a laptop is crucial.


Phones are great for short-style communications such as messaging or email. Nonetheless for writing an article or something long, having access to a big screen and a keyboard shortens the process massively. It can get tedious using a small touch screen keyboard if you are writing a review, and especially adding pictures and links, it will get tiresome – fast.

Also, when using a laptop, you can connect it to another monitor, so you can have your research on one screen and write on the other. For developers, writing lines of code on a phone is non-existent and would be cumbersome. A laptop, therefore, in this realm is hands down superior.


Nothing is better than watching a movie on the big screen. That is why we all love going to the cinema. Then again, most of us have huge TVs in our houses and you can use apps on them or connect your laptop to stream content. This option is definitely better for when you are relaxing with others, as all huddling around a tiny mobile screen would be ridiculous.

However, when on your own and traveling, a phone is great for entertainment as you can pretty much view any film or TV series to your heart’s content. If you have Netflix, check if your phone is supported.


Even the smallest laptop has a considerably larger screen size than the largest phone. For some activities, it is vital for a big screen to be able to navigate, such as writing or design. Gaming is one more category where the bigger the screen – the better. Playing a shooting game on a small one is not as immersive as playing on a laptop, and also you can connect a joystick or just play with the mouse.

More Resources

There are way more websites out there than there are apps. And it’s for a simple reason – they are much simpler to make. Anyone can build a website now with the resources available, in a matter of hours. Furthermore, the software is important to many people, which you can directly download on a laptop, and is not possible all the time on a mobile device.

In addition, as there is much more RAM in a laptop, you can run more programs at once, allowing you to be more productive.