Kemp Lashes M.L.B. as Republicans Defend Georgia’s Voting Law

The governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, has blasted Major League Baseball for moving this year’s All-Star Game and draught out of the state in protest of the new voting legislation passed there.

Rob Manfred, commissioner of Major League Baseball, has previously stated that moving the games would be the greatest way to “show our beliefs” and stand against voting restrictions.

Kemp Lashes M.L.B. as Republicans Defend Georgia’s Voting Law

On the other hand, Kemp said that the MLB’s decision was founded on “fear and misinformation from liberal activists” during a press conference on Saturday.

With no help from the Democrats, the “Election Integrity Act” became law at the end of March, imposing new restrictions.

On the availability of ballot drop boxes and requiring voters to provide identification when casting a ballot by mail.

President Joe Biden and other prominent Democrats, such as former state legislator Stacy Abrams.

Have condemned the measure as an attempt to make it more difficult to vote in Georgia, but Republicans believe that this is an intentional mischaracterization of what the law truly does.

Republican Party Members in the State Continued to Show Skepticism Toward Trump

Trump’s persistent attacks on Kemp as a “RINO” and threats to endorse a primary opponent to him in 2022 have made Republicans in the state suspicious of him.

Republican operatives are worried about how the former President’s rhetoric would affect Kemp’s reelection bid.

And they are preparing for the possibility that the former President will visit the state in the coming months. This is in contrast to Trump’s team, which has struggled to find anyone to take on Kemp.

However, with the Biden DOJ’s action, Kemp has a specific Democratic target for his rhetorical attacks.

CNN cites Republican sources in Georgia saying this may hamper Bush senior’s ability to criticise Governor Deal for taking on the Biden administration head-on over the crucial subject of “election integrity.”


On Saturday, Governor Brian Kemp lashed out at Major League Baseball and Atlanta’s biggest corporations for denouncing Georgia’s changes to its elections.

Claiming that they were caving to pressure from Democrats who had mischaracterized the state’s new voting legislation.

According to Kemp, “liberal activists’ worries and misinformation convinced Major League Baseball to back down.”

They didn’t take into account the realities of our new election integrity law or the repercussions of their decision on our neighbourhood.

In light of Georgia’s new voting law, Major League Baseball announced on Friday that the state’s July All-Star game will be relocated from Truist Park to a different ballpark.