Kehlani Girlfriend 2022-2023, Career Highlights, Personal Life, And Much More

Kehlani appears to be single no longer. Over the holiday weekend, the Nights Like This singer announced her engagement to Kiara Russell. She went public with her new relationship via a series of TikTok videos.

As part of her world tour in support of her album of the same name, Blue Water Road, Kehlani recently performed at London’s O2 Academy Brixton, where she had a terrific time. Her love life is currently the focus of attention. Find all about Kiara Russell’s age, career, and upbringing in this article.

Kehlani Girlfriend 2022

Who is Kehlani

Kehlani has made her mark in the world of music as an American singer-songwriter, blending elements of R&B, hip-hop, and pop.

From her songs and albums to personal life and social media presence, the Oakland-born star is always in the public eye for good reason. In this SEO-optimized article, we’re going to delve into various facets of Kehlani’s life and career.

Kehlani has Found a New Love Interest.

You read that correctly. The singer of “Good Life” recently dated a new lady. The songstress shocked her global fanbase in September by announcing the end of her relationship with the rapper 070 Shake.

They went public with their relationship in May, but Kehlani broke it off through social media video shortly after. Yahoo! claims that she has moved on with her life and is dating fellow actress Kiara Russell.

Kehlani is seen colouring Kiara’s hair in a now-deleted TikTok video published on Kiara’s profile, which went popular on the video-sharing platform TikTok.

In a another video on Kehlani’s profile, the singer encourages Kiara to “say hi to the girls,” and Kiara enthusiastically responds, “Hi, girls!” Russell is then informed by Kehlani, “You weren’t supposed to say hi to the girls. You were instructed to greet everyone, except the females.

Learn all about Kiara Russell right here!

Kiara Russell was born in Minneapolis and currently works as a professional basketball player. On March 30th, 1998, she entered the world. Her bio states that she attended Arizona State University, where she played guard for the Sun Devils basketball team and earned a degree in sociology.

In the 2016–17 basketball season, Russell made her collegiate debut as a guard for Arizona State University. Simultaneously, she experienced a quad injury that forced her to sit out of nearly six games.

Kiara has participated in nearly a hundred games as of this writing. She also placed third in team assists and fourth in team rounds, earning her an honourable mention on the Pac-12 All-Defense team.

Is there an Instagram Account for Kiara Russell?

The overwhelming response to that question is yes. Kiara Russell, like the vast majority of professional athletes today, has an Instagram account. She has almost 18k Instagram followers as of this writing.

Kiara’s Instagram is a slideshow of her life, including photos of her travelling the world, playing basketball, and hanging out with her friends and family.

Kehlani Early Life and Education

Born Kehlani Ashley Parrish on April 24, 1995, in Oakland, California, she had a difficult upbringing. Raised primarily by her aunt, her mother struggled with drug addiction, a circumstance that deeply affected Kehlani’s life.

As for her education, she attended the Oakland School for the Arts, initially focusing on dance before a knee injury made her pivot to singing.

Kehlani Career Milestones: Songs, Albums, and Events

Kehlani gained initial fame as a member of the teen group Poplyfe. But it was her solo career that skyrocketed her to fame, with mixtapes like ‘Cloud 19’ and ‘You Should Be Here’ putting her on the map.

Her debut album, ‘SweetSexySavage,’ was released in 2017 to critical acclaim. She has also been involved in various events and collaborations, establishing herself as a leading figure in the industry.

Kehlani Grammy Nominations

Kehlani has received multiple Grammy nominations, including one for her mixtape ‘You Should Be Here,’ which garnered a nod in the Best Urban Contemporary Album category.

Kehlani Personal Life: Relationships, Kids, and More

Kehlani Relationships and Ex-Affairs

Kehlani has been in several high-profile relationships, the most notable being with NBA player Kyrie Irving and rapper YG.

Kehlani or Kiara Russell and New Relationship Status

The name Kiara Russell recently surfaced as Kehlani’s new girlfriend. As for the age of Kehlani’s new girlfriend, it has not been publicly disclosed yet.

Kehlani Parenthood

Kehlani is a parent to a daughter named Adeya Nomi, born in March 2019. Parenthood has been an essential part of her identity, often seen through her social media updates.

Kehlani Social Media Presence and Recent Controversies

Kehlani is active on various social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. Recently, she did delete her Instagram account, raising many questions, but she has since reactivated it.

What Are Kehlani Fans Called?

The singer’s fans are lovingly known as the ‘Tsunami Mob.’

Kehlani Net Worth, House, and Lifestyle

As of 2023, Kehlani’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Her lifestyle mirrors her success, as she resides in a luxurious home and often shares snippets of her opulent life with fans.

Kehlani Awards and Accolades

Kehlani has won numerous awards, further cementing her status in the industry. Her accolades include several Billboard Music Awards and iHeartRadio Music Awards.


What happened to Kehlani’s mom?

Kehlani’s mother had a troubled life involving drug addiction, which had significant repercussions on Kehlani’s upbringing.

How many Grammy nominations does Kehlani have?

As of my last update in September 2021, Kehlani has received two Grammy nominations.

Final Thoughts

Kehlani’s journey from a troubled upbringing to being a multi-platinum artist is nothing short of inspirational. She has not only etched her name in the music industry but has also inspired millions with her resilience and talent.

Disclaimer: This article aims to provide a detailed account of Kehlani’s career and life but may not cover all individual aspects. The information provided is based on data available up to September 2021.

Whether it’s her soulful melodies or her transparent discussions about mental health and social issues, Kehlani continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of music and beyond.