10 Best ‘Karaoke Software’ For Windows PC

Everyone must have tried singing their favourite song among friends, in front of a mirror or behind closed doors. So if you wish to sing, Karaoke could be the best way to nurture your passion.

Karaoke is designed in a manner that you won’t have to search for the lyrics separately it comes within the software all you have to do is download a software on your PC and select a song, the lyrics will automatically appear, and sing along.

Back then Karaoke came with a heavy set up which included rolling lyrics and microphones which made them bulky and expensive. However, there has been a modification in the scenario, and now everything you need is a Mac, Windows or a PC device and a good karaoke app or software to follow your passion.

Karaoke is an entertaining activity that allows you to sing along with your favorite songs, usually displaying lyrics on a screen. Gone are the days when you had to go to a karaoke bar or buy expensive equipment to enjoy this pastime.

Best Karaoke Software for Windows PC

With karaoke software, you can now sing to your heart’s content right from the comfort of your own home. In this SEO-optimized article, we’ll dive into what karaoke software is, how you can use it on different devices, the benefits it offers, its safety aspects, and whether it’s free or not.

What is Karaoke Software?


Karaoke software is a specialized application designed to emulate the karaoke experience on a computer or mobile device. This software typically provides a wide range of features, including lyric display, audio controls, and sometimes even vocal effects.


  1. Desktop Software: Designed for PCs and Macs, offering robust features and often a more extensive song library.
  2. Mobile Apps: Lighter versions designed for smartphones, ideal for karaoke on-the-go.
  3. Online Services: Web-based platforms that require no downloads and can be accessed via a web browser.

10 Best Karaoke Software for Windows PC

The karaoke can be used to practice singing and can also be a good source of entertainment at parties. So to select the best we have brought you some best Karaoke software for your Windows PC.

1. PC DJ Karaoki

Use this simple and powerful karaoke software player, which sets new standards for hosting karaoke parties or practising singing. To improve and manage your karaoke shows MP3+G easily, WAV+G, MP3+G / WAV+G, Cloud Pro and various video-files are supported by PC DJ Karaoki software.

It can be the most entertaining source of parties and can make you have a rich karaoke experience. It consists of some advanced features such as colour settings for the menu, drag and drops loading, cloud integration, lock screen, etc. can be accessed.

Many of the regular features are included such as screen display, singer rotation, history, numerous key controls multimedia supports, news ticker, key stepping and tempo, adjustments of singer and song, Karaoke file management and so much more.

You can also use one monitor to view the lyrics while at the same time edit the playlist using the other monitor.

2. Kanto Karaoke

Kanto Karaoke is known to support nearly all video and multimedia formats including all significant formats like KAR, MP3 and many more. It is specially designed for Windows PC, and it is one of the best software in the market.

The software comes with settings for a microphone with high-quality sound input/output which would transform your PC into a professional karaoke device. Additionally, you can see the lyrics of your favourite song in full-screen mode. You can also use one monitor to view the lyrics while at the same time edit the playlist using the main monitor.

Furthermore, it provides you with an option to switch it to live performance mode wherein You can create a playlist of singers and allow the background score as well as clapping or jeering effects that offer a real-like live performance with a complete musical experience.

Also, it has a number of features including unlimited playlists, fade-out effect, live performance management, playlist management, quality playback, audio setting. So, you can change the key or pitch and tempo of the song as a required and full-screen mode.

It comes with a standard plan which allows 1 Pc compatibility and a Professional Plan which provides 3 PC compatibility. Further, there is an availability of a free version.

3. KaraFun Player

KaraFun Player is one of the most user-friendly software specially designed for Windows PC. It provides a collection of more than 28000 songs saved in the cloud storage for easy excess later with a great intuitive interface.

The huge collection includes karaoke of studio quality, options to save to the favourite list in a wide range of formats, for instance, CD+G, MIDI, MPEG, or KAR, history of the songs already played.

Adjustment in the tempo of any song to get it just the way you want it and so on. It provides a dual display screen along with customisable keys that help you to shift the screen to an external monitor.

And best of all, KaraFun Player is free of cost. KaraFun is also available in the form of an application for use on mobile platforms as well.

4. Karaoke Builder Player

Karaoke Builder Player is the most straightforward software. The software makes it the preferable choice for first-time users, and the best of all is the fact that it is entirely free of cost. So it becomes perfect for the people who don’t want to spend money on karaoke software.

It also provides support for CD+G, MP3+G, and Audio+G files, the ability to adjust the playback speed and pitch, features of fast forward and back.

Change volume and balance controls, ability to play ZIP files or file from zip archive directly, allows you to jump to a specific part of the song instantly, full-screen mode, Windows Explorer integration, shortcut support, support for CD+G functions such as colour fading and scrolling and allows you to play files by simply dragging and dropping them to the application.

Though there is a drawback as well that the interface doesn’t support any themes. Further, you can use any windows versions for running this program. It takes up a little hard disk space and requires low system resources.

5. One Karaoke

One Karaoke is designed especially for Windows PC and is extremely easy to use. It allows you to run almost any format of the file with features including support for major file formats like AVI, WMA, MP3, WMV, and more.

Adding onto an interesting fact that it can also be used with wired or wireless hardware like mice and keyboards so that it can work in both ways. Once downloaded from the Microsoft store, you can easily access the songs and lyrics from its collections, MP3 music.

Additional features like options to share your video with the karaoke lyrics that come with the app, and more. All this is possible because of the karaoke social network with song lyrics.

What we especially like is the high-quality MP3 audio that it comes equipped with supported tracks and lyrics. It also allows you to make videos of your performance or watch videos made by others. And most importantly One Karaoke is free of cost.

6. Siglos Karaoke

A full range of karaoke software features is offered with this tool. It’s specially designed for professionals using Windows. The functioning of this software is straightforward. It is equipped with dual display and a fast song search that does not let you wait too long.

Siglos further offers a large variety of functions including changes in the setting of pitch and tempo control, a scan of PC for Karaoke songs, Allows you to create a playlist of your favourite songs. It is also available in a large variety of formats including MIDI, MP3 G, BIN, and even various video formats.

Also, it provides preview panel, song history, singer rotation and the lyrics of the songs are displayed on the dashboard. It looks elegant and is easily readable. The software fits best for clubs or commercial use.

7. OkeOke.net Karaoke

Okeke. Net Karaoke is specially developed for Windows versions. OkeOke.net is open-source software. Among its primary features include information stored in a local database, song lookup, keyword search, selection of choice through remote control, and significant file format support.

Additionally, you can also save the songs on your external hard disk and even record your songs. You can also share them online on different social media platforms. Most importantly, Okeke.net is free of cost.

8. Karaoke 5

It takes up a lot of time to assemble the songs that you want to sing your heart out to. And if they are available in multiple formats, the struggle only gets tougher. Karaoke 5 can easily store your favourite songs for the unlimited karaoke experience.

This karaoke software is designed to support Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 PCs and works without any glitches. Both amateurs as well as professionals can sue it. Its features include a dual-screen display, mix control, option to broadcast for live shows and performances, additional support for major audio and video formats.

It makes it easier to enjoy the whole Karaoke experience. Best of all Karaoke 5 is also available in a free version with limited features. However, we need to pay for the other versions with unlimited features.

9. Aria

Do you crave an actual Karaoke experience with all professional effects at parties? Or do you think that there is a lack of entertainment at parties? Aria Karaoke software can be of entertainment for you, your friends, anywhere, everywhere.

Aria is designed for Windows. It provides all in one entertainment software made just for music lovers who don’t want technology to get in the way of good times. The simple Aria has a straightforward interface that amateurs efficiently use.

It allows you to compile all your favourite songs. Later you can select and play them whenever you want. Aria allows Simple, Social, Fun and Entertaining platform to its users. Best of all, Aria offers three different play modes to choose from.

10. Just Karaoke 2

Just Karaoke 2 is an upgraded version designed for Windows PC. If you are planning on throwing a party for your friends with some decent music. Just Karaoke can easily make up to the best free karaoke software list for Windows PC on the market.

The program has a vast music library that has more than 70,000 pre-loaded music. It gives you an extensive selection to pick from.

Also, it includes features that range from a ton of sound effects, singer announcement, dual output screen, easy song searches with shuffle, and so on.

How to Play Karaoke on PC


  1. Download & Install: Choose a trusted karaoke software and download it onto your computer.
  2. Launch the Software: Open the application and browse through its song library or import your own songs.
  3. Select a Song: Pick the song you want to sing.
  4. Adjust Settings: Optimize audio controls, pitch, tempo, and vocal effects as needed.
  5. Sing Along: Lyrics will be displayed on the screen, guiding you through the song.

Popular PC Karaoke Software

  • Karaoke 5
  • Kanto Karaoke
  • KaraFun

Can I Karaoke on My Phone?

Absolutely! There are various mobile apps available for both iOS and Android devices that allow you to enjoy karaoke wherever you are.

Popular Karaoke Apps

  • Smule
  • StarMaker
  • Karaoke by Yokee

Benefits of Karaoke Software


Enjoy karaoke without the need for specialized equipment or a visit to a karaoke bar.


Sing at any time, whether you’re at home or on the move.

Social Features

Many software options allow you to record your performances and share them on social media.


Much cheaper than investing in professional karaoke machines or paying per song at a karaoke venue.

Is Karaoke Software Safe?

Trusted Sources

To ensure safety, download the software or app from reputable sources like the official website, App Store, or Google Play.


Pay attention to the permissions the app requests on your phone and make sure they’re reasonable for its functionality.

Is Karaoke Software Free?

Freemium Model

Many karaoke platforms offer a free version with basic features, but you may need to make in-app purchases or subscribe for premium features.

Trial Periods

Some desktop software options offer free trial periods for you to explore the features before deciding to purchase.

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Karaoke software has made it incredibly easy and cost-effective to enjoy karaoke right from your PC or mobile device. However, always remember to download from trusted sources to ensure safety.

Whether you’re a casual singer or someone who loves hosting karaoke parties, this software offers a plethora of features and benefits to enhance your singing experience.