A Murder Story of a Girl: Junko Furuta Case

A true account as devastating as this one can break your heart. This disturbing account takes place in 1988 and focuses on the kidnapping, rape, and torturous death of a 17-year-old Japanese girl named Junko Furuta at the hands of four teenagers. Because her body was found inside a concrete drum, the media dubbed the investigation into her death the “concrete-encased high school girl murder case.”

We may have heard of countless killings, but the one involving Junko Furuta takes unspeakable depravity to a new level.

No one has the right to speculate on the suffering Junko endured in her final 44 days. What made it even more surprising and unpleasant was that the perpetrators were four high school males. The four juvenile offenders are identified as Hiroshi Miyano, Nobuharu Minato, Kamisaku Jo, and Yasushi Watanabe.

Junko Furuta Case


The Horrible Murder of a Japanese Girl

Japanese student Junko Furuta, age seventeen at the time, attended Saitama Yashio-Minami High School. Aspirations and dreams were important to Junko, and she wanted to achieve them just like any other student.

She was well-liked by everyone in her class, and it wasn’t just because she was funny. Neither smoking nor drinking were regular parts of her routine. And she hadn’t used drugs in a while.

Her beauty was undeniable. A guy named Hiroshi Miyano had feelings for her. When he brought up her idea to Junko, she immediately shot it down. Hiroshi was so hurt by her rejection that he made up his mind to get even with her.

What Really Happened to Junko Furuta:

On November 25, 1988, while riding her bike home from her part-time work, Junko was knocked off her bike by an unknown male. Miyano approached her in a helpful manner. Before Junko had time to process what was occurring, Miyano and his three pals had already abducted him.

One of the kidnappers’ parents owned a property in Adachi, Tokyo, and that’s where they kidnapped Junko. The males coerced Junko into calling her parents and explaining that she had run away and was safe with some of her friends.

After that, the boys began their true torturing of the helpless victim. The suffering they inflicted upon Junko is unfathomable, even in one’s worst nightmares. For forty-four days, the cruel guys tormented Junko. For 44 days, they had her completely undressed. She experienced sexual assault from over 500 men.

The Boys Inflicted Excruciating Pain on Junko Furuta.

The brothers tortured Junko in every imaginable horrific way. They pounded on her like a drum. Needles, irons, skewers from grilled chicken, bursting light bulbs, scissors, and even bottles were shoved into her genitalia.

In addition, they burned her all over. They immediately went in and severed her breasts. The young woman was even made to consume insects and urine. The boys’ attempts to torment and attack Junko went to extremes. They used her as a toilet.

They used her as a punching bag and even suspended her from the ceiling. In the dead of winter, she was forced to spend the night on the balcony. The weight of the dumbbells flattened her tummy. Her suffering was unending.

They whipped her with iron rods and golf clubs and put her in the fridge for hours. They used needles to prick several holes in her skin. The sadistic males also used a cigarette lighter to burn his genitalia, clitoris, and eyelids.

Plier jaws were used to twist one of her nipples. Junko could not even stand owing to the anguish of her many wounds. She could not even walk down the stairs without crawling. After being held captive and tortured for around twenty days, Junko finally managed to contact the authorities by dialling an emergency hotline.

Before Junko could say a word, however, she was caught by the boys, who cut off the call by taking the phone from her hands. Her terrible punishment for this crime was the scorching of her legs. They doused her legs in lighter fluid and set fire to them. She was unable to move at all after that.

A blood clot in her nostril prevented her from taking a breath. She was unable to digest her food because of the internal bleeding, so she threw it up. The alien boys even assaulted her because she vomited on the carpet.

Death Junko Furuta:

After about 30 days, Junko stopped urinating as well. Her eardrums burst as a result, too. Junko pleaded with her friend to kill her so she could put an end to the suffering once and for all. On day 44 after her kidnapping, her captors mutilated her.

The boys took an iron barbell to the already damaged body. Then they doused her in lighter fluid and set fire to her face, stomach, and legs. The duration of this final torment was close to two hours. Then later on January 4th, 1989, Junko passed away.

The tragic irony of the Junko Furuta case is that the ruthless killers, all of whom were under the age of 18, received neither the death penalty nor life in prison. While the three younger guys received seven-year sentences, Miyano received a twenty-year sentence. It’s possible that the four youngsters have all been released from jail by now.