Jordan Chiles is Having an Off Day

Many gymnastics fans wondered if Jordan Chiles would qualify for the all-around or event finals, or if the two-per-country rule would prevent her from competing.

She was having a terrible afternoon. The day started poorly for Chiles, 20, who only managed a 12.866 on the bars and then fell twice on beam.

Jordan Chiles is Having an Off Day

Once during an acrobatic series and again on her dismount. As a result, she finished every competition behind the top two Americans.

Even so, she will most likely bring home a medal from the team final, where the United States will be shooting for a much better performance.

Chiles Had a Rocky Route to the Olympics

But Chiles had a hard road to the Olympics, missing out on big international contests and nearly leaving in 2018 because “I didn’t think the sport needed me anymore.”

Biles then proposed that Chiles move to Texas to train with her at her facility, World Champions Centre. This piece of wisdom was taken to heart by Chiles.

After being left off the squad for the 2019 world championships, Chiles performed so well in 2021.

That she was essentially a lock for Tokyo before the trials even began, making her one of the biggest beneficiaries of the postponing of the Games.

She’s Named after Michael Jordan

Chiles is the youngest of five siblings and grew up in Vancouver, Washington. Her mother had her named after the great basketball player Michael Jordan.

And her parents quickly enrolled her in gymnastics classes to channel her abundant energy.

At the young age of 11, she had already established herself as one of the nation’s top gymnasts.

Becoming for many years the only gymnast of her calibre to compete in Washington state. After competing at the junior level, she won the 2014 U.S. Classic.

Three Years Ago, She Was Ready to Quite

Chiles had grown tired of the game by 2018. She felt that her career was stagnating after being overlooked for international competitions.

Simone Biles then suggested that Chiles relocate to Texas to train at the gym she had opened there.

Biles trained at World Champions Centre, where she would be coached by Cecile and Laurent Landi.

Who had a reputation for being knowledgeable and attentive instructors who valued their athletes’ well-being.


After U.S. gymnastics star Simone Biles abruptly withdrew from the team final at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo due to a twisting injury sustained on the vault.

Jordan Chiles was called upon to fill in, but the younger gymnast, only 20 at the time, was hesitant about her ability to perform.

Chiles was supposed to compete on vault and floor in the team final, but with Biles out, she had to also compete on balance beam and uneven bars.

Chiles performed flawlessly on the balance beam and uneven bars, but she fell during her floor routine.