How Many Jenna Ortega Sister

Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday on the popular Netflix series, is not, according to popular belief, a member of the Addams Family. The actress from Scream 6 comes from a huge and loving family. Continue reading for an explanation of Jenna’s family.


Do Any of Jenna Ortega’s Siblings Exist?

Jenna is one of five siblings, not just one or two. Yes, you read it correctly; Jenna is the sixth of seven children. Isaac, the eldest, was born in 1998; the youngest, Markus, and his twin, also named Markus, were born in 2004.

The Netflix star has four sisters: Mia (born in 2000) and Mariah (born in 1999), both of whom are older than Jenna, and Aaliyah and her twin brother Markus (born in 2004). The 20-year-old actress was born in 2002, making her character, Wednesday Addams, a great fit. Wednesday is named after the middle day of the week.

In an interview given in 2016, Jenna remarked, “There are a lot of misunderstandings on being the middle child; it’s actually pretty nice, since your younger and older brothers and sisters feel that they can trust in you.”

The middle child is often the one sacrificed when plans must be made, leaving parents to feel bad and scramble to make up for it in other ways. In general, kids in the middle can get away with more.

When did Jenna Ortega’s parents have her?

Natalie and Edward A. Ortega are the proud parents of Jenna and her siblings. In a December 2022 interview, Jenna revealed that her mother is an emergency nurse. In honour of National Daughter’s Day in September 2022, Natalie shared a throwback photo of Jenna, Mariah, Mia, and Aaliyah.

Natalie wished her four lovely daughters a happy Daughters Day. Wishing you a lifetime of finding rainbows in the rain and stars in the night. I adore every single one of you. In an interview for the Wednesday press tour in 2022, Jenna said that her parents aren’t into movies.

It all started with, “I have a really supportive family,” she said. They gave a lot for me to be successful. I also like them because they don’t care one bit about my actions. They don’t care about Hollywood or the real world,” she went on.

They didn’t seem to care whether I came home from work with famous or influential individuals whom I admired. They were all like, “Hey, you didn’t do the dishes before you left, so you’re going to have to do them all week.”