Is Troy Aikman Married? A Deep Dive Into His Life and Legacy

Troy Aikman, the legendary American football quarterback, has long been a subject of intrigue both on and off the field. From his extraordinary career statistics to his personal life, fans are curious about every aspect.

One question that comes up frequently is, “Is Troy Aikman married?” Let’s get into the details in this comprehensive, SEO-optimized article.

Is Troy Aikman Married?

Marital Status: The List of His Wives

Troy Aikman has been married twice. His first marriage was to Rhonda Worthey, a publicist, with whom he has two daughters.

The couple divorced in 2011 after 11 years of marriage. Aikman then married Capa Mooty in 2017. As of 2023, Troy and Capa are still together and going strong.

Net Worth, Age, and Height

Troy Aikman has an estimated net worth of around $50 million, mostly earned from his NFL career and subsequent broadcasting roles. Born on November 21, 1966, he stands at an impressive 6 feet 4 inches.

Troy Aikman: The Football Legend

Stats, Career End, and Number

  • Stats: Aikman had a stellar NFL career with 32,942 passing yards and a quarterback rating of 81.6.
  • Career End: He retired in 2001 after spending his entire 12-year career with the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Number: Aikman wore the number 8 during his playing days.


Aikman attended Henryetta High School and later transferred to UCLA, where he played college football.

Personal Life


Troy Aikman is the son of Kenneth Aikman and Charlyn Aikman.


He has two daughters, Jordan and Alexa, from his first marriage to Rhonda Worthey.

House and Residency

Troy Aikman resides in a luxurious mansion in Dallas, Texas, which aligns with his role as a sportscaster for Fox.

Social Media Presence

Aikman is active on social media, particularly on Twitter and Instagram, where he provides updates on his professional and personal life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Super Bowl Rings Does Troy Aikman Have?

Troy Aikman has 3 Super Bowl rings, all won with the Dallas Cowboys in the 1990s.

Is Troy Aikman One of the Best Quarterbacks?

Certainly, he’s considered one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, especially given his three Super Bowl wins.

Did Troy Aikman Win a Super Bowl MVP?

Yes, Troy Aikman won the Super Bowl MVP in 1993, following the Cowboys’ win over the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVII.

Awards and Honors

Among his numerous awards, Aikman is a 6-time Pro Bowl selection and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006.


Troy Aikman has lived an extraordinary life, marked by professional excellence and personal happiness. As of 2023, he remains married to Capa Mooty, and they’re living their life privately yet blissfully. For live updates on Troy Aikman, be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram.