Is Ryan Gosling Married? Unveiling the Life of the Canadian Star and His Relationship with Eva Mendes

When it comes to Hollywood’s leading men, Ryan Gosling is a name that invariably tops the list. Known for his versatility on screen and privacy off it, Gosling has both professional accolades and an intriguing personal life that has fascinated fans for years.

In this comprehensive, SEO-optimized guide, we dive deep into Ryan Gosling’s life, focusing on his marriage, career, and much more.

Is Ryan Gosling Married?

Is Ryan Gosling Married?

Yes, Ryan Gosling is indeed married. He has reportedly gotten secretly married to Eva Mendes, an American actress known for her roles in films like “Training Day” and “The Place Beyond the Pines,” where she first met Gosling.

Eva Mendes: An American Actress

Eva Mendes has made a name for herself in the film industry with an impressive filmography.

  • Movies: “2 Fast 2 Furious,” “Hitch,” among others.
  • Net Worth: Estimated at around $20 million.
  • Parents: Eva Pérez Suárez and Juan Carlos Méndez.

Ryan Gosling: A Canadian Actor

Ryan Gosling has had an illustrious career, showcasing his skills in a variety of genres.

  • Movies: “La La Land,” “The Notebook,” “Blade Runner 2049,” and more.
  • Upcoming Movie: Yet to be announced.
  • Net Worth: Estimated at around $70 million.
  • Age: Born on November 12, 1980, Gosling is 42 years old as of 2023.
  • Height: Stands 6 feet tall.

Education, Parents

  • Education: Attended Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School in Ontario, Canada.
  • Parents: His mother, Donna Gosling, is a secretary, and his father, Thomas Ray Gosling, is a traveling salesman.

Spouse, Ex-Affairs, Kids

  • Spouse: Married to Eva Mendes.
  • Ex-Affairs: Previously linked to actresses like Sandra Bullock and Rachel McAdams.
  • Kids: Gosling and Mendes are proud parents to two daughters.

House, Awards

  • House: The couple is known to be extremely private, but they reportedly reside in Los Angeles.
  • Awards: Nominated for two Oscars, he has also won several other awards including a Golden Globe.

What is Ryan Gosling Famous For?

Ryan Gosling gained international fame for his role in the romantic drama “The Notebook.” However, his versatility shines through in roles that span across romantic comedies, action thrillers, and musicals, most notably in “La La Land.”

How Many Oscars Does Ryan Gosling Have?

While he has been nominated twice (for “Half Nelson” and “La La Land”), as of 2021, Ryan Gosling has not won an Oscar.

Social Media Presence: Twitter, Instagram

Both Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes maintain a relatively low profile on social media. Gosling is not very active but does have official accounts where he occasionally posts updates.

Eva Mendes, on the other hand, is more active and often shares snippets of her personal life and career.


From his on-screen presence to his private life, Ryan Gosling continues to capture interest and admiration. His marriage to Eva Mendes and their family life only add layers to the already intriguing persona that is Ryan Gosling.

To stay updated on his upcoming roles, personal milestones, or other news, one can follow his and Eva’s social media accounts or stay tuned for official announcements.