Is Lainey Wilson Single

When it comes to country music, Lainey Wilson is quickly becoming a major player. Her songs “Things a Man Should Know” and “Dirty Looks” have made her a household name, and while she has won over many listeners with her singing, many of them are also intrigued by her private life.

Country music enthusiasts are buzzing about Lainey Wilson, the rising star who has captured hearts with her compelling voice, captivating lyrics, and dynamic stage presence.

With the internet abuzz with questions about her relationship status, appearances on popular shows like ‘Yellowstone,’ and her journey in the music industry, we’re diving deep into the life of Lainey Wilson.

This SEO-optimized, comprehensive article will address all these aspects, offering a one-stop resource for all things Lainey Wilson.

is Lainey Wilson Single

There is a lot of interest in Lainey Wilson’s past relationships. Despite her hectic schedule as a musician, would she be able to make time for love? In 2023, who does Lainey Wilson end up with? So, let’s find out whether Lainey Wilson has any possible suitors.

Is Lainey Wilson Single

In 2023, Who is Lainey Wilson Dating?

Since Lainey Wilson does not have a boyfriend or husband at the moment, she is single. She made her acting debut as the free-spirited musician Abby in Yellowstone’s fifth season. In Yellowstone, Wilson plays the role of Abigail. Yellowstone’s fifth season can be viewed online, but only through the Paramount Network.

But Lainey Wilson made a sweet tune to remember her season 5 Yellowstone debut. Wilson’s “Watermelon Moonshine” from his Bell Bottom CD has been featured on multiple episodes of Yellowstone on the Paramount Network.

The Wealth of Lainey Wilson

How famous and successful Lainey Wilson is. You’ve found the proper spot if you’re trying to find out how wealthy Lainey Wilson is. We estimate that Lainey Wilson has a net worth anywhere between $1 million and $5 million at the present time.

Name Lainey Wilson
Profession American country music singer–songwriter and actress
Date of Birth 19 May 1992
Age 30 years old
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Net Worth $1 million and $5 million

Work and Profession of Lainey Wilson

She moved to Music City after finishing high school because she wanted to be a singer. Her 2016 self-titled release made its way onto the Country Albums chart at position #44 with the help of the single “Tougher.”

After that, in February of 2021, she released her album “Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’,” which was produced by Jay Joyce and included the hits “Straight Up Sideways,” “Dirty Looks,” and “Things A Man Oughta Know.”

Furthermore, her music has been featured three times in the award-winning Kevin Costner series Yellowstone. Various record labels, including Sony/ATV, BMG, BBR, Red Light, and others, inked publishing contracts with them.

She has also played at C2C and other major events in 2019. she also opened for Eric Paslay on his Mr. Good Men Tour. She also has an online clothes business called “merch” where she sells her creations.

Wilson’s ‘Things a Man Oughta Know’ became her breakout single in August of 2020 when it was released to radio by her BBR label. The song peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Airplay list and No. 1 on the Country Songs chart. The year 2021 saw the release of her third studio album, titled Sayin’ What I’m Thinking.

After Wilson helped kick off Jason Aldean’s “Back in the Saddle Tour” in 2021, Cole Swindell invited him to sing on his next single. They wanted to record a duet of “Never Say Never,” and she agreed to do it in 2021. Wilson has now topped the country music charts with two straight singles.

Lainey Wilson Husband

Lainey Wilson uprooted her life in 2011 after finishing high school and moving to Nashville to follow her dreams. At the moment, Wilson is focused only on her music profession and is happily single. In multiple interviews, however, Lainey has said that she has always had a talent for music.

On April 8, 2016, Lone Chief Recordings released Wilson’s studio album Tougher. This is Lainey Wilson’s second studio album, and it features ten tracks. Bell Bottom Country, Wilson’s second album for a big label, was released on October28, 2022. The album had a total of fourteen songs, and one of them was called “Watermelon Moonshine.”

Cole Swindell and Lainey Wilson are a Couple.

Country music singer and songwriter Cole Swindell hails from the United States. His current hit, “Never Say Never,” is off his album Stereotype and was written by him and Lainey Wilson. The song “Never Say Never” by Cole Swindell and Lainey Wilson was nominated for two prizes.

On the set of the music video for a song from Cole Swindell’s album Stereotype, where they also first met, they heard each other sing for the first time. They were dating and romantically linked at the time.

When Did Lainey Wilson Come Out?

As of my last update in September 2021, Lainey Wilson has not publicly come out regarding her sexual orientation. Much of the focus around her has been on her burgeoning career and her commitment to her music.

Is Lainey Wilson in a Relationship?

The private life of Lainey Wilson, particularly her relationship status, tends to be under wraps. The singer has been fairly private about her relationships, focusing public attention primarily on her music and career.

What Does Lainey Wilson’s Boyfriend Do for a Living?

As Lainey Wilson has not publicly disclosed information about being in a relationship, there’s no available information about what her boyfriend might do for a living.

How Did Lainey Wilson Meet Her Boyfriend?

Given the lack of publicly disclosed information about her relationship status, details about how Lainey Wilson may have met a boyfriend are currently unavailable.

Who is Lainey Wilson Kissing on ‘Yellowstone’?

As of September 2021, there’s no verified information about Lainey Wilson appearing in a role on ‘Yellowstone’ or engaging in any romantic scenes on the popular TV series.

How Much Weight Did Lainey Wilson Lose?

Information regarding Lainey Wilson’s weight loss is not publicly available as of my last update. However, it’s essential to remember that artists like Lainey Wilson should be celebrated for their talent and contributions to music, rather than physical attributes.

Why Is Lainey Wilson So Popular?

Unique Style

Lainey Wilson’s music is an intriguing blend of traditional country elements with modern flair, making her a hit among diverse audiences.

Relatable Lyrics

Her storytelling capabilities are exceptional. Her songs often speak to the everyday experiences of ordinary people, making her relatable to a broad audience.

Award-winning Talent

Lainey Wilson has started to earn recognition within the industry, receiving nominations and awards that showcase her exceptional talent.

Lainey Wilson’s Career as a Singer: Songs, Events, Awards

Lainey Wilson has had an exciting journey in the music industry, releasing multiple singles and albums that have received critical acclaim. Her events often sell out, showcasing her popularity and the strong connection she has with her fan base.

Hit Songs

Some of her popular songs include “Things a Man Oughta Know,” “Dirty Looks,” and “Workin’ Overtime.”

Awards and Nominations

Lainey has begun to rack up awards and nominations, solidifying her place as a rising star in the country music scene.


Known for her electrifying performances, Lainey Wilson has played at numerous events, from small venues to major country music festivals.


Lainey Wilson is a force to be reckoned with in the country music scene. While there’s keen interest in her personal life, the focus remains on her remarkable talent and rapidly growing career.

Her unique blend of traditional and modern country elements has made her exceptionally popular among a wide range of fans.

As she continues to rise in prominence, her contributions to music are sure to receive the recognition they deserve. Keep an eye on this space for the latest updates on Lainey Wilson!