Is Driver Easy Safe

If you use Windows, you know how important it is to always have the most recent drivers installed for your device. Since new drivers for hardware are released frequently, keeping up with them can be a tedious chore. If you’re using Windows, the automated driver updater software Driver Easy might be a huge assistance.

By scanning for and installing updated versions of your hardware’s drivers, Driver Easy gives your computer a much-needed facelift. Driver Easy, however, has been called malicious software and a scam by numerous online users and Reddit reviewers. Can I feel at ease using Driver Easy? Is there really a need for Driver Easy? Is Driver Easy Reliable? discusses the safety of using Driver Easy.

Is Driver Easy Safe


How does Driver Easy work?

Driver Easy is a Windows utility that streamlines the process of downloading and installing the latest drivers for your computer’s hardware. It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows (including XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10).

There is also a paid version of Driver Easy, known as Driver Easy PRO. Driver Easy’s strengths lie in its intuitive interface, lightning-fast functioning, and automatic driver upgrades at the push of a button. These outstanding features are only some of the reasons why Driver Easy has been so successful.

  • It’s possible to update all the out-of-date drivers with a single mouse click.
  • All Windows releases are compatible.
  • The free version includes all the features you need, so there’s no use in shelling out money for the Pro version.
  • It evaluates your current driver and suggests updates based on the results.
  • It may also be used to check the status of your computer’s internal components such the processor, motherboard, and more.
  • It can also be used to facilitate the downloading of Windows Updates.

Is it secure to use Driver Easy?

Several factors must be considered before concluding the reliability and security of these apps. The first thing that comes to mind is probably whether or not Driver Easy is actually necessary for your computer. Let’s check it out.

Is Driver Easy a Necessary Programme for Your Computer?

The major objective of Driver Easy is to simplify the process of automatically or manually updating your PC’s drivers. If you know how to use Device Manager or the manufacturer’s website, you don’t need Driver Easy or any other driver updater tool.

Driver Easy is a useful alternative if you don’t like upgrading drivers by hand. It streamlines processes considerably. You should know if it will harm your computer if you decide to acquire it. We should investigate that.

Is It Safe To Download Drivers Using Driver Easy?

In case you were on the fence about installing Driver Easy on your computer, let me put your mind at ease: do it. Using Driver Easy is totally risk-free. We’ll take a look at Driver Easy from every perspective to make sure it’s a secure and efficient addition to your PC. Here are some metrics that support our arguments.


Software is deemed to be performance safe when it does not consume too many system resources or negatively affect the computer’s overall performance.

While running on our PC, this programme uses fewer than one percent of the processor and about fifty megabytes of memory. Driver Easy barely uses any resources, thus it’s safe to say it won’t slow down your computer.

Is It a Virus in My Security?

After running Windows Security through the programme, we discovered no malicious components. However, Windows Security is not generally recognised as a reliable tool for detecting and eliminating malware. To prove our point, we therefore relied on an external antivirus programme.

Similar findings were found by independent scanners for malware and virus detection. Driver Easy is not detected as malicious software by this tool.  Therefore, you don’t need to take any special measures, and the programme can be safely installed on your computer to maintain your drivers at all times.

Is it Risk-free to use Driver Easy’s website?

Downloading the Driver Easy programme from its official website,, is strongly advised. In addition to this tool, the site also provides answers to frequent PC problems including Blue and Black Screens of Death.

After reading several posts, we concluded that Driver Easy was the answer to most of the problems mentioned on the site. Therefore, it can be used for more than only fixing Windows driver issues. We have no idea if this is just the company’s policy or if it actually has any effect on sales.

Their website functions normally otherwise. The free version of this software already has a lot to offer, what with its extensive driver database and intuitive design. Plus, you can use the offline scan and backup to recover your system if something goes wrong.

If you wish to update all of your drivers at once, the Pro edition offers additional automation and streamlining. To sum up, you need not worry about utilising Driver Easy to update your drivers.

When it comes to maintaining the most recent versions of your hardware’s drivers, this programme is indispensable. In addition to being completely risk-free, the software is also virus- and malware-free. Because it simplifies driver updates to a single click, it’s a need for Windows users.