Is Dailymotion Safe

You’ve definitely done some video watching online and have came across Dailymotion, a French video sharing and streaming website. The similarities to YouTube, the most widely used video-sharing website, are apparent.

Dailymotion is set apart from other video sharing websites in that it offers its users access to free, original content produced by Dailymotion studios. This streaming website provides somewhat more adult fare than its competitors.

You’ve watched several videos on Dailymotion and are understandably concerned about your personal information. Don’t worry; we’ll see you through this. This article will explain what Dailymotion is, as well as whether or not using Dailymotion is safe and legal in the year 2022.

Is Dailymotion Safe

Dailymotion: What is it?

After YouTube, Dailymotion is a popular choice for watching videos online. More than 250 million people visit the site every month. Since its start in 2005, it has been visited by people looking for both entertainment and news. The technological behemoth allows for the uploading and sharing of videos as well as the communication of groups.

Dailymotion is used in more than 30 countries, making it the second most popular video streaming site overall. When it comes to online video streaming, Dailymotion is second only to YouTube in terms of popularity.

There are over 150 million videos and over 300 million monthly unique visitors on Dailymotion as of this writing. Dailymotion’s popularity has skyrocketed since the site’s debut in 2005. Relationships with major premium entertainment providers like Showtime and HBO are still strong today.

What Dailymotion Has to Offer

You should have a better understanding of Dailymotion now. Let’s talk about what it offers next. Compared to similar video-streaming sites, this one has the following advantages.

  • Anybody may upload, distribute, and watch videos.
  • Posting or sharing videos from Dailymotion on social networking sites can result in monetary compensation.
  • Dailymotion has more than 100 million video uploads, and the site is regularly updated with new, high-quality videos.
  • Content from various high-end media providers like HBO, YouTube, Blazeway, and others.

What Sets Dailymotion Apart From YouTube?

YouTube’s prominence as a media distribution platform, and as a brand name, has skyrocketed in recent years. People of all ages like watching videos online. YouTube is the most visited video-sharing website, followed by Dailymotion, which is very similar to YouTube.

There are millions of hours of content across many genres available on both platforms. The company’s in-house production studio, called Dailymotion Studios, makes a wide variety of original material for the site every day.

Is it Okay to Use Dailymotion, Legally?

Some people worry that their PCs will be infected if they watch videos on Dailymotion. You must be thinking the same thing, namely, that this website contains malicious software and viruses. So, I’m here to reassure you that your use of Dailymotion is totally risk-free.

There’s no need to second-guess your decision to stream videos or share them online. Also, an age-gate filter will prevent you from seeing content that is inappropriate for your age group. Dailymotion has straightforward rules for users to follow while uploading and sharing content.

Sharing content that is protected by intellectual property laws could get you in trouble. You must think we’re making a big deal out of nothing by saying Dailymotion is risk-free. The opposite is true. Before deciding that Dailymotion is secure, various variables are considered. A few of these are discussed below.

1: Protecting Our Young

When it comes to online video hosting, making sure that children are safe is of vital importance. Internet child safety nonprofit E-Enfance has partnered with video sharing platform Dailymotion to make the platform more kid- and teen-friendly.

Dailymotion creates movies to educate people about cyberbullying and gives parents the resources they need to help their kids be safe when they watch or upload videos to the site.

2: Contamination by Viruses and Other Malicious Software

Criminals frequently aim their attention towards online video streaming services. When you click on a malicious link in an email, pop-up, or video-sharing site ad, malware and viruses are downloaded onto your computer.

Antivirus software is essential for combating this issue, which affects nearly all popular websites. In 2012, several Dailymotion users reported becoming the victims of malware outbreaks and attacks. However, Dailymotion is currently virus-free.

However, if you’d rather err on the side of caution, a reliable antivirus programme is available for download and activation at any time. You need an antivirus programme since any source, including third-party apps and cookies, might spread malware.

With real-time alerts, you can stop viruses and malware in their tracks before they cause any damage to your system or endanger your privacy.

3: Improper Material

Some users may find offensive material on Dailymotion, such as explicit sexual or violent content. Users who do not wish to see such content in search results can safely browse Dailymotion using the Age Gate feature. By default, the Age Gate will be open.

If you check this box, your screen will play any potentially offensive video. To turn off the Age Gate, go to the “Help” menu in the lower right corner, select “Age Gate,” and then hit “OK.” If the Age Gate is disabled, you will be asked to verify your age by clicking a button if you are above 18.

Finally, I can say that your personal information is protected on Dailymotion. There is no danger in using this site for web browsing or video sharing. Antivirus software is available for those who want to be particularly safe. If you notice anything suspicious while using Dailymotion, please contact us.

Is Dailymotion Free to Watch?

Yes, Dailymotion is free to watch. It operates on an ad-supported model, meaning you can view most content without paying a subscription fee. However, the platform shows advertisements before and during videos, which is how it generates revenue while providing free content to users.

Founded: The Origins of Dailymotion

Dailymotion was founded in March 2005 by Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivier Poitrey. The platform quickly gained traction as a space where users could upload, share, and view video content, filling a gap in the market that was otherwise dominated by traditional media.

Who is the Current CEO?

As of my last update in September 2021, Maxime Saada serves as the CEO of Dailymotion. However, it’s crucial to note that leadership can change, and it’s always good to check the latest updates for the most current information.

Why is My Video Private on Dailymotion?

If your video is set to ‘private’ on Dailymotion, it means that only you, as the uploader, can view it. Videos can be set to private for various reasons:

  1. User-Selected Privacy: You might have chosen to set your video to private during the upload process.
  2. Copyright Issues: If your video contains copyrighted material, Dailymotion might set it to private to comply with legal requirements.
  3. Content Guidelines: Dailymotion may also make a video private if it violates the platform’s content guidelines.

You can change the privacy settings by going to the ‘My Videos’ section on your account and editing the settings for the particular video in question.

Is Dailymotion Older than YouTube?

Contrary to popular belief, Dailymotion is not older than YouTube. Dailymotion was founded in March 2005, while YouTube was founded a month later, in April 2005. Despite being close in age, the two platforms have had different growth trajectories, with YouTube becoming the more dominant force in the video-sharing market.

Available in Which Countries?

Dailymotion enjoys a broad international reach and is available in numerous countries. However, content availability may differ based on regional copyright laws and licensing agreements. So while you may access Dailymotion from almost anywhere in the world, the range of content you can view might be limited based on your geographical location.


Dailymotion stands as a significant player in the video-sharing market. Though it operates in the shadow of platforms like YouTube, it offers a plethora of content, mostly free of charge.

Understanding its origins, leadership, and the mechanics of video privacy settings can enhance your experience, whether you’re a creator or a consumer. With global availability, Dailymotion is a platform that caters to a diverse audience, offering something for everyone.