Top 4 Must Have iOS Apps for Bloggers

There are hundreds of iOS Apps for Bloggers from which you have to choose the desired application. It is also very hard to know which one is worth trying. So, today, we are bringing some suggestions which can be very helpful for bloggers. Whether you are a seasoned iPhone user or someone who has recently bought the iOS, finding the perfect app as a blogger is no easy task.

For example, to take notes, check plagiarism, or edit photos, you have to find the perfect app out of hundreds of apps available on the App Store. You will have multiple options and with App Store serving ads in some search results, it is even harder to perceive which app is the best.

Top 4 Must Have iOS Apps for Bloggers

That is why we brought you some top iOS Apps for Bloggers that are very helpful. Download any of these and you will not be disappointed.

Let’s discuss them in detail:

1. Ulysses

Ulysses is the writing environment for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac with a pleasant interface. It is the first choice for many writers or bloggers of all kinds. Ulysses app won the Best of App Store award in 2013, 2015, and Apple Design Award in 2016.

Ulysses Best iOS apps for bloggers

It is a markup-based, distraction-free editor that lets you focus on the important tasks like writing and editing. It covers the entire writing process and its simple interface boosts your creativity and productivity.

Ulysses is a unique app that has the ability to sync your files directly in iCloud, which means you will never lose the files even if the authentic version of the content is lost. Once your content is synced, you can access it any time and from anywhere. If you are a writer, this app is a whole package for you in terms of writing.

They offer you a trial so that you can test this app and if you like it, you can choose the monthly and yearly subscription. The main thing to notes is that you can publish your WordPress post including images, tags, and categories from within the app.

You can select your own or pre-made formatting styles. There are many more things that this app offers, so try it yourself and explore its features. Some of the main features of this app are the following:

  • Excellent views and distraction-free modes
  • Can publish directly to WordPress, Ghost, and Medium
  • Only available on Apple devices
  • Exporting options
  • Create e-books, DOCX, and pdf
  • Stores writing in one place
  • Keep an older version of images

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is a professional photo editor with a bundle of features and filters. It has a very clean and simple interface with a combination of mighty and detailed capabilities.

Snapseed provides you with the facilities to adjust brightness, colour, and contrast with the help of simple swiping gestures. By swiping up and down, you can choose the effect and by swiping left and right, you can adjust the strength of the image.

Snapseed IOS apps for bloggers

Snapseed is the number choice for the bloggers and writers who face the problem of editing their blog’s images. Some of the key features of this application are the following:

  • Snapseed has 29 tools and filters that include brush, structure, healing, etc.
  • It supports the RAW and JPG files.
  • Snapseed has a selective filter brush.
  • It provides tutorial cards with tips and tricks.
  • Snapseed adds focus to the eyes and also adds smoothen skin.

3. WordPress App

WordPress App allows you to create, edit, and manage your WordPress blog from anywhere in the world from your iOS device. You can also manage your website as well, however, our main concern is to look at WordPress App in terms of blogging and writing.

WordPress App for iOS Devices

You can edit your posts and pages easily from it. You can also view statistics and can do reply to the comments. It means that all the things that you were managing from your Laptop or PC, you can now manage them from your iOS device as well.

Its current version is 15.3 which has the following new features:

  • All blocks in the post now have a copy, cut, paste, and even duplicate options.
  • You can also edit the unsupported blocks on a separate screen with the same tools provided by the web editor.
  • They added a nice visual touch to the editor that shows shaded areas to let you know where and when the content is loading.

4. Plagiarism Checker – Prespostseo

If you are a writer and worried about plagiarism, Plagiarism Checker by PrespostSEO is perfect for you to get rid of that plagiarism. If you don’t know what plagiarism is, let me tell you what it is:

Plagiarism is also called the duplicate content, which means when you write something, there is a possibility that your content is similar to any other blog or website on the internet. And it is very common because there are millions of websites on the internet and your blog may match with someone other’s content.

Plagiarism Checker by Prespostseo

If you steal someone else’s work, then your content will be 100 percent duplicate. This app allows you to check the percentage of plagiarism in your blog. It is very simple to use as well; just copy the text and paste it on this app.

After submitting your text, it will show you the percentage of duplicate content and the percentage of unique content. You can remove the duplication by using paraphrasing techniques.

Some of the key features that this app gives us are the following:

  • You can check plagiarism by directly uploading DOC, DOCX, TXT, and PDF files.
  • They offer 100 per cent safety and security which means your content is not saved after checking originality.
  • Plagiarism Checker by PrespostSEO is totally free to use.
  • Free users can check the blog for up to 1000 words.
  • Plagiarism Checker by PrespostSEO generates reports immediately.

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Summing Up

These were the top 4 iOS Apps for Bloggers that can cover the most working of the bloggers. Keep in mind that all of them are not free, so if you do not want paid apps then you can search for their alternatives on the App Store.

However, in terms of writing, editing, posting, and managing the blog, these apps are best for any kind of writer or blogger. We hope that you like this guide, and we are pretty sure that you will not be disappointed after using them.