7 Best Investment Apps Of 2021

Before you choose an investment app you must think about why you are investing in this app? How long you’re going to invest for? what you would like to get from it? All these questions need to be taken into account before you select one. it is now the trend to invest and if you can do it right your financial freedom will be taken to the next level. There are countless easy ways to invest nowadays you can easily do it through your phone. You can also open your account with a minimum of zero balance. However not all investment apps are good so you need to be careful while choosing one.

7 Best Investment Apps of 2021

You don’t have to worry because we have done all the work that needs to be done and here we are going to present you with the 7 best investment apps for 2021. Without any further ado let’s get right into this article. the first one on the list is as follows.

1. Robinhood

this app offers a complete free way to invest. It is no Commission on stock, no account minimums, and an easy way to use interface which is very user friendly too. There is a reason why we have included this in our top spot at the list. it is best for new investors. it is absolutely free of cost so there are certain features that you won’t get but it is still very good as an investment app. This app helps you too trade cryptocurrency and even if you want to take the experience to the next level then you can apply for its premium version at 5 dollars a month.

2. Webull

This one is for more experienced investors. The investors who want the easy and portable way to trade stock shares will like this app. This app is rather new in the marketplace and is a growing competitor for other apps. It is a very simple interface which can be used quite easily. There’s not much education account in this app but we are impressed with the graphic analysis. However, we must note this is not a good choice for a beginner. But if you have a good idea about what you are doing then this one is just the app for you.

3. AllyInvest

You’ve most probably heard of this app. It is one of the best online banks of 2020. It is just an investing portion of the ally bank. As most of you are aware of this app we will not go into much detail about it but it is an excellent choice for an active trader who shows interest in volume discounts and lowest fees of the industry. it as a very good rating go to the App Store and Google Play. It is a low free online broker which makes it very popular among active traders. You should definitely please try this app if you are one.

4. Betterment

Our list will not be complete without this one. It is a robot advising platform and it helps the user to manage and rebalance their portfolio. It is very user friendly and the interface is also good. That is definitely a plus point. to get started with this app you have to answer some questions first like about your income and risk tolerance etcetera. This is an excellent mobile app for beginners as well as experienced investors. It also has a checking savings account.

5. Acorns

This is another straight forward investment app. this one is definitely for the beginners, if you are one you should check this out. this app helps you along The way and teaches you required skills for becoming a successful investor, you can make investing daily routine with this app. It also provides tips from experts that you can learn. To start investing you have to link your credit or debit card with the app. It’s a fantastic app to use and we very much like this one. Give it to checkout as soon as possible.

6. Stash

It is one of the best investment apps out there in the market. This one is good for beginners who want to start small. it offers access to over 250 different exchange traded funds, individual stocks as well as customise guidance. To start with this app you will have to connect to a checking account.

Start your investment with a low rate as $5. This app will help you build your portfolio of stocks by providing you with personalised guidance. It helps the process of selecting your investment and makes it easy and quick. If you’re a beginner then you should definitely give this one try.

7. WealthFront

If you are looking for a good investment app with good financial advice from experts then this is the one for you. This is a robo adviser that offers you all in one solution. You can earn, interest on your cash and also learn how to manage your savings. This app also has automated investment management. This app has a good rating on both The App Store and Google Play. We have checked it out personally and concluded that this should get a place in this list. It has top quality user experience too.


We hope that you have like this article. We’ve tried word best provide all the details about the apps that we have mentioned in our list. Of course there are other investment apps out there which you can use. Try to do your research before selecting one. It is very important the app can satisfy all your requirements.

Thank you once again for reading this article. We hope that you can recommend this article to your friends and family if you have thought it  is worth enough. Have a good day and good luck. I hope that you found your dream investment app. take care.