Intel to Unveil Big Move in Chip Manufacturing

Intel went on to the next plan, and they are here for it. Chip manufacturing is one of the specialties of Intel, if not the most prominent. They are planning to show the next big step in chip manufacturing that they are going to step. This is all very interesting for the tech people who are interested in all this, and that also includes us.

The fact is that they have not shared the info yet. But the time of the release is set, and there will be a webcast done by the CEO of Intel himself, and he will personally tell us about the next big step that they are taking on the chip manufacturing business. The webcast is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. PT tomorrow, January 21.

Intel to unveil big move in chip manufacturing

We all know about the chip shortage that had been going on. Well, the chip shortage all over the world has been a real problem in the technology world. In this current era, we can not go on ahead without the chip. So this is a sigh of relief for the tech community.

We are hoping that it is some grand news that we have from Intel. With the current condition of the semiconductor, we are sure that any tech progress will turn out to be good news to us. So it is not wrong to say that the expectations are set quite low because of the current situation.

Intel’s Newsroom page that had been specially created for the event notes the very important fact that the Gelsinger, along with Intel’s supply chain boss Keyvan Esfarjani, will “share details and some major info of Intel’s latest plans that have been in place for investment in manufacturing leadership.”

That’s all that we know for now. We will keep you updated on the news. Take care of yourself, guys! That’s all.