6 Useful Tricks to Improve Your Texting Technique

Virtual communication has been developing rapidly over recent years to make it easier for people to reach out to each other wherever they may be. The easiest way to get a hold of someone nowadays and connect with them is by text, no matter how far they are. Since almost everyone in this day and age owns a smartphone or a computer, texting others makes it a piece of cake to get in touch with anyone.

Useful Tricks to Improve Your Texting Technique

It is not just individuals that can message one another for any purpose; businesses also utilize texting methods in their favor to connect with their customers on a broader level. Whether you are an individual looking to boost your communication skills or a business manager looking to make full use of smart technology, here are some useful tricks to help you improve your virtual chatting techniques.

6 Useful Tricks to Improve Your Texting Technique

1. Get to the Point

Humans are social beings who like to stay in touch with each other one way or another, even if distance separates them. Different methods of correspondence have been in place since the beginning of time. The one thing all methods of correspondence, old and new, have in common is that less is always more.

When you are texting someone, whether it is a friendly text or a business text, you should be straightforward and clear with what you need to deliver. At the end of the day, the whole purpose of virtual communications is to make it easier for people to deliver messages in a quick and efficient way without having to read long paragraphs. 

2. Consider Timing

One of the great things about virtual chatting is that it allows you to get to anyone, anywhere, at any time. However, when you consider the timing for the recipient, you would have a better chance of them actually responding to your messages or appreciating them.

The marketing experts at Alrigh.com explain how timing matters greatly for businesses looking to send mass texts to their consumers. Depending on where the target audience is and their preferences, timing should always be a factor in online messaging. 

3. Do Not Spam People

As a result of online messaging services being incredibly popular and easy to install and use, many people tend to abuse the services by sending tons of messages all the time. In particular, businesses can get a little overboard when it comes to text campaigns that target a set audience to advertise products or promotions.

If you are looking to improve your messaging technique, then it is important to find the line between being persistent and spamming people. Know when to stop and do not abuse your ability to connect with others online in an easy manner. 

4. Use Personal Language

Chatting online with others, whether it is with acquaintances and loved ones or with customers to market for your business, can get a little impersonal since you cannot see the person you are chatting to. In order to overcome this issue and make your communication more meaningful and effective, try to use personal language as much as possible.

Address people by their names and use personal pronouns to message them. Try not to lose the element of personal connection that would often keep the conversation flowing and allow you to have a more worthwhile texting experience. 

5. Check for Typos

There is nothing more irritating than reading a text message and having to correct words in your mind as you go. Everybody makes mistakes when it comes to typing on smart devices; it is human nature.

However, it is the sender’s responsibility to re-read what they wrote and make sure no typos would distract the person receiving the message from the important content you wanted to get across. 

6. Add Symbols and Emojis

Add Symbols and Emojis in Texting

Communicating your emotions and reactions through texting can be pretty challenging. Developments in online messaging have introduced emojis and symbols to solve this issue and make it easier for people to correspond to their every emotion. However, you should be mindful of your use of emojis or symbols, as it might not be appropriate for every occasion. 


Working on your texting technique is not that complicated. It all comes down to the context of your messages. You should consider the different factors that surround your message sending like the timing and the language used to convey your message.

Make sure you read over your texts before clicking send just to make sure you are not missing any typos or that you are sending something that you might later regret. Remember to be considerate in the number of times you message someone online so that you do not end up spamming them.