I’m In This Photo And I Don’t Like It

What I Hate About “I’m in This Picture”
This slang phrase, coined by Facebook users, means “I’m in this photo and I don’t like it.” It’s based on a defunct Facebook report feature that was used to hide photographs from timelines. The option’s screenshot and many reworded variations were widely shared as reaction images on the internet. Below is a copy of the relevant report.

I'm In This Photo And I Don't Like It

What’s the Matter?

  • It’s either tedious or uninspiring.
  • I don’t like how I look in this picture.
  • It doesn’t belong on Facebook, in my opinion.
  • It’s a spam message.

I’m in this Photo and I Don’t Like it, How can I Get the Option to Change That?

Removing photographs from your timeline that were uploaded by friends is as simple as selecting “I’m in this photo and I don’t like it.” Choosing “I don’t want to see this” from the target picture’s drop-down menu reveals the option. After that, a pop-up window will open with the aforementioned selection question.

The “I’m in this Picture, and I don’t Like it” Meme has Spread Widely Over the Internet.

It has been used as a reaction image since 2016, including two-panel posts where it was blended with other images, since 2016. This picture doesn’t have me in it, and I don’t like it, or this picture doesn’t have me in it, and I think I should be.