If You Can t Laugh At Yourself

How to have more fun with yourself by finding humour in your own foibles
We can all learn from one other’s experiences.
Reynolds uses storytelling to put intense emotions in a humorous light. To help his clients laugh as they see their own reflections in him, he may sometimes tell a tale back to them in a little different tone or tempo than they used when they originally told it.

However, storytelling isn’t just for treatment. Sharing your daily experiences with a loved one or a group of friends via Zoom can also be beneficial.

If You Can t Laugh At Yourself

Matthew Dicks, a storyteller, has some news for you if you think your life is too mundane to warrant a tale. Take 5 minutes every day to dwell on and document the seemingly little events of your day, according to his “Homework for Life” technique. As time goes on, you begin to notice the tiny stories that make your life more enjoyable and meaningful..

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Make Time for Happiness in Your Life.

Reynolds advises establishing a daily commitment to a few moments of joy in order to counteract the stress of daily life.

It only takes a few seconds of gazing at a photograph of a place that makes you happy to “[seek] out people/animals/places/activities that make your heart feel lighter,” according to him. Also, having something to look forward to, such as a beloved pastime or a favourite comfort food, might be beneficial.

A regimen for mental health might help alleviate the monotony of monotonous days when you don’t know what to do with yourself.

In addition, “Structure helps, too,” says DeGeso, especially those who have been laid off. “It’s essential to keep a calendar. To wallow and concentrate on the tiny things is much simpler when the days are amorphous. ”

Determine How you can Help Others.

In order to deal with stress and heal from emotional wounds, psychologists Disla, Reynolds, and DeGeso all recommend finding ways to laugh at oneself.

We may “catch our breath and rest our mental muscles” when we can “step out of our surroundings and perceive things differently,” says Reynolds. If we can laugh in that time, and recognise the tiniest sliver of humour in ourselves, we may even be able to begin to heal.”

Have a good chuckle at your own expense if your cerebral muscles are tired, like mine were, and you could find the catharsis you’ve been looking for. You might want to take a look at the following options.
When the death toll was growing and my business was declining early in the pandemic, I was shocked and paralysed. Through our personal protection gear and our common experience of caring for Los Angeles residents who were on edge, I was able to warm up to my coworkers during my time at a COVID-19 testing site. Also, don’t forget to laugh.

Make a couple meals for a neighbour who is ill or mourning if you aren’t sick or overburdened with caring for others and you can do it safely. To give back is a reward in itself.

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Seek Mental Health Treatment.

Talk to a mental health professional if you’re feeling less resilient these days. If you’re having trouble coping, they can provide you with emotional and practical support as you work on developing a treatment strategy.

It’s widely believed that psychotherapy is prohibitively expensive and difficult to obtain. Free or low-cost individual counselling by therapists in training can be found by searching for “free therapy near me” on Google. Online therapists’ fees are typically lower than those of traditional therapists. You can also use our mental health resource guide to find a therapist in your area who is qualified.

Even if you live in a remote area or have a limited amount of time, you can participate in text therapy via your phone or Wi-Fi and still get the help you need.