How to Write Social Studies Essays

The essay is now experiencing a renaissance. It is used to assess a person’s qualifications for employment and the knowledge of graduates on the exam. The essay is a favorite genre in social studies.

This is a small essay on a specific issue, which is set out in the author’s manner and written in a freestyle. In it, you need to support a certain point of view with the help of several arguments. We tell you how to write a social studies essay to be graded by the teacher.

How to Write Social Studies Essays


Essay Composition

The main difficulty in an essay is the lack of a specific composition. It must be constructed by the author himself. Before writing a social studies essay, we advise you to stick to the classic plan: introduction, main part, and conclusion. In addition, the recommendations for the essay do not specify a minimum volume.


Usually, the topic of the essay is a well-known quote, the problem of which needs to be revealed. In other words, explain what the author meant. Often such a quote is an unusual statement that requires imaginative thinking.

Substantive part

In the main part, you need to give arguments that support the chosen point of view. All arguments should be convincing. It should be based on history or sociology data. It is better not to use examples from personal life because they are evaluated the lowest. By the way, this part is the most important one.

Substantive part of Social Studies Essays

Students can make mistakes, but to avoid they usually use essay helper.  Arguments are better placed from the particular to the general. Before you move on to the next example, make sure that you have finished with the description of the previous one. In this way, you will ensure the logical structure of the essay.

In this section, you should also show mastery of terms from social studies on the given topic. They serve as theoretical support for your point of view.


In conclusion, you need to describe the significance of the problem. You can talk about the consequences that will be caused by society ignoring the problem.

What Arguments to Use

The grade of a social studies essay depends on how convincing and well-founded the arguments were. It is enough to use 3-5 arguments. Their scope directly depends on the topic of the essay. If you are writing an essay on a topic from sociology, economics, or law, it is best to use arguments from society. Examples from history are best for political science essays.

If you are completely tight with arguments, you can recast examples from personal life into an example from public life. To do this, it is enough to write it in the third person, not in the first person. For such an argument to have more weight, give an example that almost every one of us encounters.