How to Play Valorant Like A Pro

Every game is usually tough for any beginner. It takes lots of time, practice, and tips from professionals to play better from the start. That’s why you’re expected to make many mistakes and improve with time. Take Valorant, for instance, this game is very demanding, and if you’re not prepared, you might not play your character well.

Thankfully, there are ways to simplify games, including Valorant, and shorten the learning period. First, you must check out one of the best Valorant hack and cheat providers in the industry to equip yourself better for the game. Then you can employ the strategies we have outlined below to play like a pro.

How to Play Valorant Like A Pro

So, if you’re ready to play as a better agent, check the tips below. 

Pro Tips on Playing Valorant

1. Play a suitable Agent

There are up to 16 agents or playable characters in Valorant. But not all are suitable or accessible at the beginning. First of all, some agents are tough to master and play while others are easier to play due to their abilities and skills. The first step will be to play the available agents such as Jett, Sova, Sage, Phoenix, and Brimstone as a beginner. 

Start practicing these five and unlock the rest as you go. But one thing to focus on is to find that agent you can play very well. That’s one of the things that professionals do. Once you understand your play style, also find a suitable agent to match that style. Choosing an agent that is both difficult and unfamiliar will mar your performance.  

2. Understand Your Gun

Valorant is a game where you shoot at others. This means you must use a gun, and your performance will vary depending on your understanding of the weapon. Thankfully the game features machine guns, sidearms, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, etc. All these guns have different spray patterns and recoil systems. 

So, to use any of them professionally, you must understand how these systems work. For instance, your gun’s recoil behavior should guide you when aiming at a target. Some guns change after a certain number of sprays.

So, try to understand all that in your gun. Take Spectre, for instance; this gun is an SMG that many players love. It has an easy recoil that you can control for your first 10 rounds before it starts changing. This is almost what to expect from others except that you must know when to change your aim and how to do it for the best results. 

3. Avoid Excessive Running

Some players jump into games and start running from the first seconds. Even though it pumps your adrenaline, that doesn’t make it okay. Running around does two harms to your character. First, it makes you shoot without hitting any target and also generates unnecessary noise in the game.

Avoid Excessive Running in Valorant

Shooting without an accurate aim can lead to your death as the agent you missed might turn around and kill you. Also, making noise in the game is like shouting, “here I am, come get me.” These two scenarios are terrible if you want to win. So, try to walk more than you run. Keep your default state at walking so you can avoid quick death. 

4. Professionals Appreciate Teamwork

Every team in Valorant comprises 5 agents that are either at the defense or attack. The best way to win the matches is to coordinate your actions. These can include attack or defense strategies, how to use your cash, and how to utilize each agent’s abilities. So, no matter the team you belong to, try to listen and work with them.

Don’t play alone when you’re in a crowd. Make sure that others have your back and plan how to buy the items you need with your team. No matter what, support one another with available cash so that all the abilities will be utilized. 

5. Set the Right Sensitivity

Mouse sensitivity is important for good performance. This setting ensures that the speed of your mouse pointer matches your play style. If you want to move your mouse lesser, set the sensitivity high. But if you are okay to move the mouse from one edge to another, set it low. 

But bear in mind that this setting doesn’t affect your game speed. The only thing is that high sensitivity might lead to less accurate aim. On the other hand, lower sensitivity will help you aim better and achieve great shorts. This is, of course, for beginners and not professionals in Valorant. However, it depends on anyone’s play style. So, choose the one that works for you. 


Valorant is one of Riot’s games that many of us enjoy. It might seem challenging at first, but it will be easier for you with what we have shared above. Just understand the agents and choose the one you can play. Also, understand how your gun works and avoid running all the time.