How To Overcome Leveling Up Issues In Modern Warfare

One of the most famous FPS games ever made was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Released all the way back in 2007, the game redefined the genre.

Many other companies started taking inspiration from Modern Warfare when developing their newer titles. An argument could be made that most shooters set in modern times can trace their roots back to Modern Warfare.

How To Overcome Leveling Up Issues In Modern Warfare

Since then we have seen a Modern Warfare sequel and a re-release of the original game on the newer generation consoles. In 2019 we were treated to a reboot of the series with the release of Modern Warfare.

Confusingly titled the exact same as the original game. And later this month we are getting Modern Warfare 2. A sequel to the reboot, yet still sharing the same name as the previous Modern Warfare 2.

The new Modern Warfare was extremely well received. Yet there is one issue that the developers still have yet to fix. And that is the insane amount of time it takes to level up in the game. Experience gain is painfully slow in Modern Warfare. But this guide will show you how to overcome the leveling up issues you’ll face.

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Hiring A Power Leveler

Power leveling is nothing new in the gaming community. It first appeared when MMORPGS like World of Warcraft came onto the scene.

These games required a lot of time and dedication from their players if they wanted to reach the highest levels. And a lot of gamers simply didn’t have the time to dedicate towards leveling up.

Which is where power levelers came into play. Some gamers soon realized people were willing to pay them to do the leveling for them. You give them access to your account and they play for you while you are at work or asleep.

You might be worried about giving a random person access to your account, but a lot of these sites have strict contracts with their staff and can guarantee 100% that your account will be safe.

These days you can find power levelers for nearly every game with a leveling system. Fortnite, Battlefield, and, most importantly, Call of Duty. So if you want to bypass the grind on Modern Warfare then hiring a power leveler is a fantastic idea.

We highly recommend researching the various different power leveler agencies out there. Look for one with great reviews. And make sure you find one that offers buyer protection services as well.

Making Use of Hacks and Cheats

This might not be the most obvious route, but it is an effective one all the same. Most players don’t know that you can still gain xp from the non-competitive game modes in Modern Warfare.

Plus the zombies mode offers some profile xp. And within these modes you are awarded more xp for pulling off different feats.

The more headshots you get or the more time you go without taking any damage. Things like this reward you with more xp. 

That’s where hacks come into play. They will allow you maximize your xp output each match. You can earn up to ten times as much xp than a regular match with the use of certain hacks such as aimbots or godmode.

How To Overcome Leveling Up Issues In Modern Warfare

Sites like veterancheats offers the best modern warfare 2 hacks as well as hacks for every other CoD game currently on the market. Modern day hacks are completely safe to use and easy to install. 

We should note that you will want to avoid using any hacks in competitive play. While you might get away with it in casual matches and in private lobbies, using hacks in ranked modes will definitely lead to you getting banned. In which case all your hard leveling work will be for nothing. 

Use XP Boosts

While the developers haven’t yet fixed the overall issue of how long it takes to level up, they have been hosting a lot more bonus xp weekends. During these weekends every match and action is often worth double, or sometimes even triple the amount of xp. If you are someone who is often short on time then these weekends are the most effective ways of leveling up. 

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The downside to xp weekends is, of course, they are only on for a limited time. But fear not, there are other methods of securing an xp boost.

Call of Duty has a history of running promotional events with various drinks and crisps companies. Most famously Doritos and Mountain Dew.

Usually, during these promotional campaigns, if you buy a packet or a can you get a code that can be redeemed for a temporary XP boost. Even if you’re not a big fan of the products in the promotional campaign you can just buy them for the code and get rid of the product after.