How To Make a Wither in Minecraft

As the second-strongest enemy in Minecraft, the Wither is only bested in power by the Warden. The Wither is a formidable foe in Minecraft, sporting over 300 HP and dealing damage via explosions and the Wither itself.

In other words, wither is impossible to find in nature and must be conjured instead. Learn the steps to creating a wither in Minecraft by reading this post!

The world of Minecraft is replete with creatures, structures, and challenges that captivate gamers globally. Among its vast landscape of opportunities, the Wither stands out as one of the most mysterious and intriguing bosses.

How To Make a Wither in Minecraft

But what exactly is the Wither in Minecraft, and how do you tackle it? Is it possible to spawn it in creative mode? What materials do you need to build it? Let’s delve into these questions and more in this SEO-optimized guide.

What is Wither in Minecraft?

The Wither is a three-headed, player-created boss in Minecraft that showers explosive skulls at its enemies. Known for its ruthless aggression and impressive power, the Wither is a formidable opponent even for seasoned Minecrafters. It is one of the few entities in the game that can fly, and its arrival is often considered a late-game event.

How To Make a Wither in Minecraft: Three Easy Methods.


Method 1. Amass 4 Handfuls of Soul Sand or Soil

To create a wither, you will need four bricks of soul sand or soul soil. The majority of the Nether’s biomes, including the Nether Wastes and Soul Sand Valleys, use this ubiquitous block.

You might be able to find some soul sand among the ruins of a nether castle or bastion. You can also try bartering with the piglins for a substantial amount of soul sand. There is an 8.71% chance that you will receive 2-8 soul sand for every gold ingot you trade in.

You can only find soul soil, a special type of soul sand block, in the Nether’s soul sand valley biome.

Method 2. Collect Three Wither Skeleton Heads

Slaying wither skeletons is required in order to obtain their skulls. These black-textured, bone-sword-wielding skeletons can be found spawning in large numbers in the underworld castle.

At death, a wither skeleton has a 2.5% chance (raised to 5.5% with the Looting III enchantment) of dropping a wither skeleton skull. However, farmers should exercise caution when working with these animals because of their inherent risk.

Method 3. Create a Wither

Put four handfuls of soul sand or soul soil in a T formation, as seen below, and then stack three skulls of wither skeletons on top of the soul sand to complete the wither.
Keep in mind that the bottom row must consist of at least two empty spaces.

So, no soil, plants, knobs, switches, pressure mats, or slabs… The point is made! As soon as you place the last skull on the soul sand, you’d better get the hell out of there before the boss finds you.

Can You Make a Wither in Creative Mode?

Absolutely! Making a Wither is not confined to the Survival or Adventure modes. You can spawn a Wither in Creative mode just as easily. In fact, Creative mode can be a great playground to test strategies and prepare for the real battle in Survival mode.

What Blocks Build the Wither?

To construct a Wither, you will need the following materials:

  • 4 Soul Sand or 4 Soul Soil blocks
  • 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls

Arrange the Soul Sand or Soul Soil blocks in a T-shape, and then place the three Wither Skeleton Skulls on top of the horizontal blocks.

What is the Wither’s Weakness?

Interestingly, the Wither has a specific vulnerability to Smite-enchanted weapons. Smite significantly boosts your damage against undead mobs, and the Wither is classified as an undead entity. Utilizing Smite can make the fight noticeably easier.

What Blocks Can’t the Wither Destroy?

While the Wither is known for its ability to break through most types of blocks, it cannot destroy or pass through:

  • Bedrock
  • End Portal Frames
  • End Gateway Blocks
  • Barrier Blocks
  • Command Blocks
  • Structure Blocks

Benefits of Defeating the Wither in Minecraft

Upon defeating the Wither, it drops the coveted Nether Star. The Nether Star is a crafting component used to create the Beacon, a special block that provides status effects to players within a certain range.

A Beacon can grant effects like Speed, Haste, Resistance, and Strength, adding a strategic advantage to your Minecraft world.

Where Can You Use the Wither in Minecraft?

You can spawn and fight the Wither in any Overworld or Nether environment. However, some players choose to fight it in confined spaces or specially constructed arenas to limit its mobility and make the battle more manageable.

Caution: Spawn Responsibly

Remember that the Wither is a destructive entity. Spawning it near your base or cherished structures is not advisable unless you want to see them turned to rubble.

A List of Frequently Asked Questions

1. Whence does one Conceive of incubating Originality?

You only need four soul sand and three skulls to craft a wither in creative mode. If you’re feeling particularly unmotivated, you can use the following command to immediately call upon the wither: “/summon minecraft:wither” ~ ~ ~

2. To what end am I unable to create a wither?

Ensure that no blocks near your constructed wither are missing their solid blocks. Ideally, you would raise up a single block and release the Wither there. As a result, we can guarantee that all building units are empty.

3. Doing battle with the wither serves no purpose.

After being killed, the wither will drop a single Nether Star, a powerful endgame item that may be used to make a beacon.


The Wither is an intriguing and challenging boss mob that adds a layer of complexity and excitement to the game. Whether you’re in Creative or Survival mode, knowing the ins and outs of this formidable foe can turn the tide in your favor.

From understanding its weaknesses to knowing the valuable rewards it drops, understanding the Wither can make your Minecraft experience more fulfilling. So gear up, strategize, and may your battles with the Wither be victorious!