How to Build a Good CBD ECommerce Website?

There is a beautiful and modern CBD site, but there are no sales. Why is that? The question is really painful for business owners. Having spent money on an exclusive website design, they are waiting for orders. Unfortunately, in the modern world, everything works differently, and it is crucial to keep an eye on all the modern trends.

There are at least several reasons: the internet industry is developing so fast that by the time you finish reading this sentence, a Google coder will already be writing down a new tool that opens up new opportunities for users and imposes new requirements for e-commerce websites.

This is especially crucial in the CBD segment since, in addition to complying with SEO and marketing trends, the owners need to comply with the local legislation in force. If you are hesitating if you know everything, you can visit MjSeo to find out how to build a CBD website.

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How a Good ECommerce Site Looks Like

The functionality needed for a commercial CBD site to receive orders via the internet is the following:

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Target Action Buttons

Buy, Order, Book should not only BE on the site but also be highly visible, no matter where the user is on the page.

Positioning options:

  • In the main menu of the site, the panel should remain pinned when the page is scrolled;
  • In additional blocks placed between page elements;
  • In the side menu on the internal pages of the site.

Possibility to Buy CBD Online

This is important, because if the buyer has the opportunity to purchase a product in two clicks directly on the site, then they will choose this option. The site should have a shopping cart.

Maximum information About the Product and Prices

It is a must for an e-commerce website to contain all the information about the products sold. And the price is crucial. If you have got an urge not to provide users with the price right away on the site, believe it — you are going to lose a lot of potential clients, and the bounce rate will increase.

UX Design

The trouble of creative designers is the desire to make the site unique. The desire is understandable and natural, but often harmful when it comes to an e-commerce site.

When creating a site, it is crucial to select a suitable CMS for cannabis eCommerce website and

consider the following:

  • Block Predictability: The site should be convenient and understandable, and the location of the main buttons and blocks should be logical and predictable for users.
  • Easy-to-read fonts: It is better to choose from proven and less pretentious fonts like Proxima Nova, Helvetica, Museo, Futura, Brandon Grotesque, Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New, Helvetica, etc. Font size is also important — for comfortable reading, it should be at least 14 pixels, or even 16.
  • Breadcrumbs: The presence of this element on the site will be a plus both for users (it allows them to quickly return from the internal pages of the site to previous subsections and sections) and for SEO promotion.
  • Block with similar materials/products: The presence of blocks with additional information increases the chances that the user will at least stay on the site, which means this will positively influence the results of the next crawling of the site by search engine robots.

Section Blog/Articles

This block has the goal of keeping users on the site longer. But there are additional perks:

  • The regular appearance of new pages on the site is positively perceived by search engines;
  • Due to blog pages, the “weight” of the site grows (this is especially important if your competitors have more pages on their sites);
  • If the articles are really useful, they can bring additional visitors to the site;
  • If the texts are worthwhile, readers will share links to them with other users, as well as publish them on their pages on social networks, and this is another advantage over competitors in search engine results.

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Certificate of Safety

Online stores that accept bank card payments have to install safety certificates by default, and customers should pay attention to whether the site uses a secure connection protocol. If not, then leaving your data on such a site (and even more so bank card data!) is definitely not worth it.

Finding out if a security certificate is installed on a site is easy — this information is located in the upper left corner in the line with the site name — there should be a padlock sign.

An Adaptive Version of the Site

If you have made a cool site, this does not guarantee that if you open the same site from your phone, everything will work: the text will be readable, the layout will remain in place, there will be no horizontal scrolling, and photos will not be stretched, and from the menu, you will easily get to the desired page. Making sure that the design is adaptive is a must in 2022.

Website Loading Speed

This is an essential factor for both search engines and users. Therefore, if you go to the site and after a few seconds nothing appears on the screen, then the first reaction will be to close the page. The consequences are not just loss of clients but also a decrease in positions.

Social Network Links

The role of social networks in internet marketing is growing inexorably, and for many companies today they are the main source of sales. Therefore, to exclude this channel means to deprive yourself of a significant proportion of potential buyers. And in combination with SEO, it can become a powerful argument even in the most competitive niche. If you own a CBD e-commerce store, of course, you need to be careful with using Facebook since not all the keywords are allowed by this social network.

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Final Words

Running a business in the canna niche is challenging. And it is not always possible to do everything yourself. If you think that your e-commerce CBD site does not bring the desired result, it is worth resorting to professional help to determine the problem and solve it.