How Not to Lose in Online Games: How to Understand the Algorithm

One of the most dominant forms of entertainment today is online gaming. This content is very diverse as there are all sorts of experiences available to the players. People are playing battle royale, MOBA, FPS, and casino games on the internet. For many players losing isn’t such a big deal, at the end of the day they just view this as entertainment.

But others don’t feel this is just a game, and they want to excel. They don’t want to lose their money or ranking and do everything they can to come on top. So, let’s see what you can do to come on top during online matches, or how to be more successful while playing casino games.

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Learn the Mechanics

Almost all of the games require you to learn how to play and to continuously improve in order to match the increase in difficulty. However, game developers know that there are lots of players who don’t get much pleasure from overcoming difficult puzzles or bosses. They are just in it for the story, and to relax.

Yet, online games don’t always have a story mode, they are all about players playing against other players, and improving. Therefore, the easiest answer to the question -” how not to lose?” – is to simply keep getting better.

This is difficult to apply to all of the online content, as slots don’t have anything to do with skills. In most cases, you are losing big or losing small, but you are rarely winning big. So, the answer to that problem is just to be smart about it, and to use your funds strategically.

Getting Rid of Stress Is the Most Important Thing

While we do play in order to vent or to relax, we need to understand that competitive games are designed a bit differently. The pleasure you get is mainly from winning, and being stressed and not seeing clearly is preventing you from achieving that goal.

So, the best thing you can do, in this case, is to take a break and maybe play something else that can help you unwind. Slots would be a good pick but other casino games are a solid choice as well. You can check out some of the best online gambling sites uk has to offer, and see what type of bonuses and content they have available. The reason why slots are good in this case is that you can basically play them using free spin deals or no deposit bonuses, or no wagering bonuses.

Moreover, you don’t have any control over the outcome so there is no reason for you to be stressed out while you are playing this content.

Follow Streams and Tutorials

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Another way to get better is to simply watch other players who are so skilled they are considered professionals. Of course, you can’t simply pull off the feats they do, but you will get a good idea of what you need to practice.

The idea here is to find the most effective tips that you can master in a short time period. This will result in the biggest skill increase. Many who watch streamers think they can get better at League of Legends by playing the same champions which is a wrong approach. Instead of learning more universal tips that can improve their overall game, they are trying to master a move that helps the streamer in a clutch situation.

The idea is to take more general lessons and then move on to specifics. Meaning, your fast reflexes, and good aiming skills are great, but most of your best plays come from correct decision-making. The same applies to blackjack or poker, as both of these are entirely decision-based games.

Sure knowing how to bluff will get you a few sweet wins in poker, but thinking about your moves and actions will always be more important. This thinking aspect is why most of the casino games are so entertaining, and why we have professional gamblers in the first place.


Some of the online players can get into a sore loser mindset when they start to find excuses for their poor performance. Sure, your opponent was luckier in some instances, and yes maybe someone else made a mistake, but if you think you are perfect the way you are, you won’t get better. Since there are tons of aspects you can control, try to get better at all of the things that you can control.