How Much Do Licensed Therapists Make Working Online?

Getting your license to become a professional counselor or therapist can open up many wonderful opportunities to make a stable income while helping others. Online therapy services such as BetterHelp are a great example of this, and this article will discuss what kinds of earnings you can expect as well as the other perks of becoming a licensed therapist who works remotely.

Median Salaries

On average, licensed counselors and therapists earn around $50,000 each year, according to employment recruiting services such as Indeed as well as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How Much Do Licensed Therapists Make Working Online

Salaries can vary depending on what you decide to specialize in; for example, licensed marriage and family therapists are expected to earn around the national average, but with online services like BetterHelp, your income can depend on how many clients you choose to help on the platform and how well you engage with them.

Supplemental vs. Full-Time Work

One of the many perks of becoming a licensed counselor or therapist is that you can decide your own caseload.

There are many people who use BetterHelp as a way to supplement their income. For example, one might have a local private practice, but they also enjoy doing online therapy on the side at their leisure.

However, there are others who love the flexibility of providing online services and make it their full-time source of income.

There isn’t a minimum or maximum client or hours requirement in place for therapists who work at BetterHelp, but it’s recommended that anywhere from 10 to 15 hours be allocated to helping clients on the platform since this can contribute to an overall positive experience for people who are depending on BetterHelp’s services to find improvement in their lives.

How To Get Started With Online Therapy

Because online therapy services like BetterHelp have professionals from different states to accommodate various clients, including ones who are international, people who have a license from any state in the U.S. can apply. However, services like BetterHelp generally try to match clinicians and clients based on states, because rules and regulations may vary between each licensing board.

How To Get Started With Online Therapy

Nonetheless, once you begin the application process, you can expect assessments in the form of a hypothetical case study as well as a technical examination – online therapy services require reliable technology in order to work as intended and this also means that you have the ability to use it in order to provide said services effectively.

You will also, of course, be interviewed by a team member to go over your credentials and background check pending your approval. The entire process will take weeks to complete, but it’s to ensure that you are qualified and in good standing.

However, as soon as you obtain final approval, you will still need to undergo a probationary period to see if you are the right fit for online therapy. Your performance here will involve things like your ability to communicate with your clients effectively and respectfully and address their concerns, through using their preferred modes of communication.

By doing this, you set yourself up for success on the platform and once you pass this probation period, you are free to start earning the income you think you deserve through providing your licensed and professional expertise.

To apply, please click here to learn more, including the possible earnings you can make on BetterHelp.


Online therapy services aren’t just convenient and flexible for clients, but it’s an excellent opportunity for licensed therapists as well. Thousands of people sign up each day seeking assistance on BetterHelp, and you can certainly be a part of that while also potentially greatly improving your life by giving you full control of your scheduling and how much you earn.