How Much did the Godfather Make

Fifty years ago today, The Godfather first hit theatres. The series was a huge financial success, bringing in $430-517 million around the world. Nine of the Academy’s twenty-eight awards went to this film.

The screenplay was written by Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola, whose best-selling novel The Godfather serves as the film’s inspiration. This Coppola-directed classic is still going strong in the hearts and minds of its devoted audience. Let’s dissect this classic film’s budget, shall we?

How Much did the Godfather Make


Famous Film: “The Godfather” 1972

The original budget for “The Godfather” was $2.5 million. However, after its release, Mario Puzo’s novel had unprecedented success. Coppola was the one who fought for and won a greater budget for the film. Here are the costs and earnings from the box office:

  • Budget: $6.7-7.2 million
  • The Total Money Made at the Box Office is
  • 134 966 411 Canadian Dollars
  • $111,154,563 for All Other Regions
  • Worldwide:$246,120,947-$287,258,196

Part Two of “The Godfather” (1974)

After the massive success of the original Godfather, a sequel was published in 1974. It follows The Godfather and also occurs before it. In this segment, Michael Corleone takes front stage as the new head of the powerful Corleone family.

Like its predecessor, The Godfather Part II was a smashing commercial success. See how much money The Godfather Part II made and how much it cost to produce.

  • Funding set at $13 million
  • Revenues from theatres:
  • $47,834,595 in the US & CA
  • $45,434,594 for all other territories.
  • 271.189M USD Globally

Part 3 of “The Godfather” (1990)

After completing the first two parts of The Godfather series, Francis Coppola was lukewarm on the idea of making a third. He turned down Paramount, the film studio that distributes The Godfather films, on many occasions.

After experiencing financial difficulties due to the critical failure of his 1982 album, One From the Heart, Francis had no choice but to accept the offer. He thinks of it as a conclusion to the preceding two acts.

Michael’s quest to establish the empire’s legitimacy is brought to a satisfying conclusion in The Godfather, Part 3. It also depicts the ascent of Vincent Corleone, Sonny’s illegitimate son, to the position of Michael’s heir apparent. Michael Corleone’s involvement with the real-life Pal banking scandal and the subsequent death of Pope John Paul I are also mentioned.  The third installment’s budget and earnings are as follows:

  • Costing in at $54 million
  • Revenues from theatres:
  • North America: $66,666,062
  • For All Other Regions: $70.1 million
  • All Over The World: $136,766,062