How Far is it From Key Largo to Key West

Taking a road trip across the Florida Keys is one of the most iconic American experiences. The journey from Key Largo to Key West is one that visitors from all over the world look forward to.

Amazingly, in just 113 miles, you may see so many amazing places! If you were to go between Key West and Key Largo, what would you see?

How Far is it From Key Largo to Key West

Here are some of the best places to visit in the Florida Keys, from sampling the local seafood to providing aid to endangered turtles.

While this itinerary emphasises a trip from Key Largo to Key West, it is of course equally possible to begin in Key West and work your way south. Each is a popular choice amongst consumers.

Rent a car in Key West, Key Largo, or Miami if you don’t want to rely on public transportation throughout your trip. To get the most affordable automobile rentals, we checked Discover Cars.

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Distance and Travelling Time From Key Largo to Key West

If you can cover this small distance in one go, the answer is here.

Nonstop drive: 98 miles or 158 km

Driving time: 2 hours, 7 minutes

While it is possible to drive the entire distance without stopping, you may find it more enjoyable to make a few pit stops along the route. To find out how long it would take if you took breaks along the way, scroll down.

Suppose, now, that you had access to a private aircraft and can travel between Key West and Key Largo in the shortest amount of time.

The iterative Vincenty formula yields the “great circle” distance, or “as the crow flies,” which is the true shortest distance due to Earth’s curvature.

Flight distance: 91 miles or 147 km

Flight time: 41 minutes

The driving trip is around 1.1 times as far as the flight distance, given that the flight distance is 7 miles shorter.

Because your jet travels so much faster than a car, the flight will only take roughly a third as long.

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The bus has routes all throughout Key Largo, from Key West to the outlying islands, and provides a variety of services.

There are buses that leave from the Flagler Museum in Key West and travel directly to Key Largo.

One bus runs every day, and seven run per week, for the service. The trip typically takes 3 hours and costs from US$27.

As the distance between the two islands, Key West and Key Largo, is only 105 miles, taking a bus between the two is a simple and stress-free option.

Getting there by bus will take about 4 hours. The average price of a ticket is $49 USD. In addition, the price of a bus ticket starts at $29 US. Travel to Key Largo is possible twice daily.

It is possible to take a bus across international borders with several different firms, including Key West Transit.