How Can Kids Bypass Parental Control Using a VPN

How Can Kids Bypass Parental Control Using a VPN: Over the years the internet has advanced dramatically. The rise of social media, gaming industries, and entrepreneurship have been in the spotlight for a while now and nothing seems to indicate that they will stop advancing any time soon. The wider our options on the internet are, the harder it is for us to control everything that we or our children do on the internet.

Parental control seems to lose its purpose since the availability of certain websites and software is at its peak. In this article, we hope to shine a light on some of the indications that your child is using a VPN to bypass parental blocks and access websites that are not primarily intended for their age or usage. We will also cover what is VPN and how does it function in order for you to understand better.

How Can Kids Bypass Parental Control Using a VPN

Purpose of Parental Control

As we venture further into technology advancement, spending every day surfing the internet we think little of how that affects our security and privacy. We could say that when it comes to adults, we have a grasp of the internet and how it functions but could we say the same about our children?

As far as we are concerned, the virtual world given by the internet can often be misinterpreted as the real world in the eyes of our children. The sheer illusion of the virtual world can disrupt their reality and make them do questionable things on the web, without the second thought of how it can affect their real life. We are talking about everything from credit card scams to exposing private or personal information that does not belong in the outside world.

Parental control is an option that most devices offer nowadays. It gives you a sense of control of what your child sees on the internet and blocks desired websites from them in order to prevent any possible malicious intent or cyber-attack.

The internet is an uncontrollable environment, meaning that certain websites or software are easy to access to anyone who knows their way around the internet, and sometimes blocking those websites is not enough. Studies say that one of the biggest factors in the experience of your child on the internet is the open and honest conversation you can have with your children but sometimes they will venture on their own, exploring the areas of the internet that are not intended for them.

With the rise of VPN, it is only a matter of time when your children are going to start using it to bypass parental control since it offers full anonymity while on the internet with no track records of their browsing activity or download history.

Before we go into ways that they can surpass these blocks we need to understand what VPN is and how it works.

What is VPN and How Does It Work?

What is VPN and How Does It Work
VPN creates a single shared network between you and the internet which allows you to browse safely.

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an essential internet encrypting protocol that assures anonymity and safety while browsing the internet. Serving as a tunneled protocol between the user and the internet it creates a barrier around your internet traffic which allows you to move freely without the fear of being tracked or following via your IP address and location.

Public internet is one of the biggest threats to your safety when it comes to online activities as it is often followed up by tracking from internet service providers or the government itself. Based on your IP address you are sending information about your physical location and subdue potential malicious attacks or intents by third party viewers or hackers.

VPN is used to create an unbreachable shield that will make sure your activity remains anonymous and impenetrable.

How Can Kids Bypass Parental Control Using A VPN

As said above, VPN is used to provide you with full anonymity while on the internet and that can also mean it can be used to bypass certain website blocks that you put up in order to prevent your children from visiting said websites.

Kids are curious by nature, wanting to explore every little detail they can find in order to fulfill their curiosity. Here are some of the indicators that your child is using a VPN to bypass parental control:

1. Unfiltered Traffic

When using VPN the data that is being sent is going directly to the VPN server instead of the website server and thus no information will be sent back to your device to confirm the visit on that website. By making sure “VPNs and Proxies” categories are set to “not allowed” you will have a grip on what is being done on the internet.

2. The Same Device is Joining Your Network

If by any chance you start seeing duplicate devices in your connection tab, or the same device being constantly connected to the same network it is probably a good indicator that your child is constantly changing its IP address in order to bypass blocks and parental control.

3. Usage of A “Personal Hotspot” Notification

Since VPN can be used to create a new, personal hotspot on a PC, this allows your child to connect to it via other devices and cover up anything they did on the internet via that device through the said hotspot that is connected to the VPN servers.


VPN is viewed as one of the best options when it comes to safety and anonymity on the internet and being such, it can be used in many different scenarios, one of them being your children bypassing parental blocks.

The best way to know about this is to have an honest and open conversation about their intent on the internet and testing if they would find themselves familiar with the software functioning and options it provides. Although their intention may not be bad while doing so, it is all about the experience they have on the internet or how it may affect them in the long run.