How a Dollar General Employee Went Viral on TikTok

Mary Gundel was the manager of a popular Dollar General shop in the Tampa area. A letter from corporate had informed her that she was a top performer.

However, Gundel did note a few areas for development, even though doing so would necessitate leadership initiatives.

How a Dollar General Employee Went Viral on TikTok

To put it another way, her store was short-handed because corporate had reduced employee hours.

As a result, patrons had concerns that the establishment was dirty. One may argue that the atmosphere was downright dangerous. In the words of Gundel:

I’m the one who opens the shop at eight in the morning, and I’ve been responsible for pretty much everything there since then.

Customers came and went, paperwork had to be completed, vendors and a mysterious vehicle appeared, and I had to check them all in.

I was not provided any assistants or adequate time in which to do my managerial duties. This is a major cause for concern when it comes to workplace safety.

Before March 28, Gundel’s TikTok Page Was About Her Hair Extension 

Gundel’s TikTok profile prior to March 28 was a mashup of posts regarding hair extensions and her recent dental surgery.

It has evolved into a daily digest whose sole purpose is to incite a revolution within a big American corporation.

She’s trying to organise Dollar General workers into a union because they’re overworked and underappreciated, which she calls a “movement.”

Gundel seems to make a new “chosen spokesperson” announcement on TikTok every day. These women all work or have worked at Dollar General in various states like Arkansas, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Most of the women who have been tasked with responding to inquiries from their female coworkers in those states are staying anonymous out of fear for their careers.


Dollar General fired her when the TikTok videos became viral, despite the fact that they had told her a few months before that she was in the top 5 percent of store managers.

That was just one misstep in a long line of errors that has put the business in an unenviable position.

Her recordings and the hashtag she coined, #PutInATicket, which refers to the company’s normal response.

When informed of intolerable working circumstances, gained even more attention after being included in a New York Times article about Gundel.