How to Host Virtual Birthday Parties For Your Friends

Are you racking your head with ideas on how to make a friend’s birthday special? Is this unfortunate situation making things even more frustrating? We understand precisely this problem many others like you are facing and have hence come up with a comprehensive guide to host the best virtual party your friend will have ever seen. Use these tips, put in some creativity of your own, and there you’ll have it- one of the most memorable parties ever thrown.

Host Virtual Birthday Parties For Your Friends

Host Virtual Birthday Parties For Your Friends With This Easy Guide

1. Start With An Invitation

It is common knowledge now that a simple message of invitation will not do anything for your party. If you really want people to be interested in what you are hosting, make it interesting, and inquisitive from the start. Make an invitation online and start circulating it among your common friends and people you think your friend wants at their party.

It is important to get in touch with all of these people, and hence it would be better to come up with a list of invitees beforehand. When it comes to the actual invitation, you could either go with a simple graphic that specifies all details and make it attractive or you could opt for a new and trending way of making invitations- a video invite. For this, consider using a free invitation maker app available online to make your job easier.

2. Create A Buzz

Since the whole world has practically shifted online, a lot is being done on social media platforms to celebrate birthdays. Be it pre-birthday activities or posting the things you actually did on the special day, everything can be seen online.

Many people have started making interactive posts such as a ‘Birthday Bingo’ online, or have simply done a countdown until the special day on their Instagram stories. Not only does it make your friend feels special and loved in these difficult times, but it also helps in creating a sort of excitement in people you plan to invite.

3. Look For Online Games

When you actually host the virtual party on an online platform, you should consider doing a couple of fun things that will invite participation from other members as well. One of them is playing games online. If all of you have an interest in a common online video game, you could play that, or perhaps play some on-the-spot games.

Look For Online Games

Some of them could be surrounded by the person whose birthday it is. For example, a game where you could test through questions who knows the birthday boy or girl the best.

Another option could be playing improve games just to keep the atmosphere light and fun. You can try any of these options or even some other options, but just make sure at least one activity in the whole event has people’s participation.

4. Make A Fun Video

When hosting a virtual party, it would be a great touch to make a video that revolves around the special person of the day. You could make this as an intro so that you could show it to everyone who is attending right at the start. For this, you can make use of the best video editor for windows to make your job easier. Apart from this, another option could also be to make the video as a part of signing off.

This video could include either be messages from all the close friends and family of the birthday person or a montage of all their pictures and videos. There is an unlimited scope of creativity in this particular section of hosting the party, so be as creative as you can!

5. Invite Surprise Guests

For the virtual party, you could first have everyone over and then maybe introduce a surprise guest that the person would never expect to attend. This could be a close friend or relative who didn’t think they could make it, and hence, once they do, it will be even more surprising for your friend.

These surprise guests could be introduced in the middle of the party or once everyone else arrives. Keep in mind that this has to be done when your friend is expecting it the least so that the surprise element hits the right way.

6. Have A Theme

This is one of the things that will make your party most exciting. Have a common theme that everyone follows. This theme could be incorporated in everything that the party entails- right from the dress code, to the games, to the video. Sure, this will take a lot more thought and effort, but if you pull it off, there will be nothing like it.

There are many themes available online that you can check out and include in your party. This will also be a great way to make your after-party edit look amazing. It will add to the value of the day and ensure uniformity in celebrations- and it will feel like a real party. What else would your friend want on a day like this than to have a celebration that is equally as awesome as all their other birthdays?

7. Cut A Cake-Virtually!

Finally, bring it home with an actual cake. So what if everyone cannot be there for the cake cutting and share the cake? That doesn’t mean your friend cannot still have their cake cutting. After all, the cake is still the highlight of a birthday.

Cut A Cake-Virtually

Have a cake delivered to their house and let them cut it in front of everyone on the video call itself. They’ll sure be glad that their whole birthday was complete-without even a single thing missing or out of place. Sing a song, blow some candles, and keep the party as real as possible.


The main aim of this party is to make your friend happy. And the best way to make sure that that happens is to make it feel as genuine as possible. Just because they are locked up inside their home without any company doesn’t mean they don’t have to feel the love and affection of their near and dear ones.

It takes some effort, but you can end up planning the best birthday ever for your friend.