Honkai Impact 3 Beginners Guide and Play It on PC

An anime style role-playing game that is mainly focused on combat and hero upgrades. This RPG game is amazingly unique with stunning visuals and graphics. You will control a collection of Valkyries which are attractive female characters who are fighting against the world-destroying evil called Honkai.

The storyline of this game is very mesmerizing and as the players will precede in this game the players will give different missions and special skills or augments called Stigmata to battle zombies and mechanical monsters.

Honkai Impact 3

Half of this gameplay is mainly focused on combat and the other half is based on upgrading heroes and equipment. Also, you can join and create guilds, standalone gold and equipment-gathering modes, special events, and unique stories.

In the vast realm of action role-playing mobile games, Honkai Impact 3 has carved a niche for itself. Boasting sleek graphics, captivating stories, and thrilling combat, it’s no wonder fans across the globe are immersed in its universe. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this game and address some of the most common questions.

What is Honkai Impact 3?

Honkai Impact 3 is an action RPG developed by miHoYo. Set in a world threatened by mysterious creatures known as the “Honkai,” players assume the role of the commander of an organization fighting against this menace. They recruit and command a group of young girls imbued with unique powers to battle the Honkai threat.

Honkai Impact 3 Beginners Guide and Play It on PC

This article will cover most of the basic tips and tricks that you should follow as a beginner player. Here are the basic tips and tricks for Honkai Impact 3 game.

1. Save Your Crystals

Save your crystals

Don’t waste crystals in standard Gacha after your first S rank and don’t spend the crystals for the Gacha items (weapons and stigmata). Use the crystals for unlocking the best Valkyries accept if you get a supply card.

Try saving diamonds for when new characters that come in such as right now like ” the Herrscher of Reason and Stygian Nymph”. This is a good tier character.

2. Always Complete the Daily Missions

Daily missions are an integral part of the daily routine in Honkai Impact 3.

3. Daily Login

Make sure you log in every day to get various rewards like crystals, fragments, gold, and more.

4. Farming Fragments

Farm your Valkyries to raise their ranks. Any character can rank up to SSS rank. You can farm the Valkyries fragments after you complete the story at hard and Supreme difficulty. Go to the don and select expeditions and choose what Valkyries fragments you want to farm. It also will require stamina.

5. Stacking Your EXP Cards

Use captain 50% EXP chip. It will help you a lot. Your Valkyrie is Max level is capped at you as you own you so you should level up so your Valkyries can level up so you can progress. You also can start the captain 50%EXP. This will help you to level up pretty fast.

6. Do Not Attempt to 10 pull Gacha At Once

Despite saying only for a 10x you will get an A-rank Valkyrie, it’s better to do single pulls because every 10x pulls you will get a rank Valkyrie even if you only did single supplies.

7. Farming Crystals Early

You can get crystals from completing daily missions, daily sign-in, infinite abyss, and story challenges. So farm these crystals and save.

8. Always Do Weekday Events

Weekdays events are the best place to get materials without spending dias. You will need them later on to upgrade weapons and stigmata.

9. When Completing Story Stages Try to Complete All The Challenges

If you completing three challenges. You get 15 crystals every time. With a bit of math if you do the chapter 1 story stages on normal the math comes out giving you 225 diamonds for free. It’s not that hard not to mention that you get rewards with gold for every stage complete.

When completing story stages try to complete all the challenges

Following these tips and tricks can be simple but sometimes you will get tired of the tiny screen of your phone which makes you fatigued. For that, the best option is to play this game on a PC with a bigger screen and better hardware specs.

Unfortunately, there is no official app for Honkai Impact 3 for PC all you can do is to play it on a powerful android emulator. But choosing any android emulator is tiresome. Not every emulator is worth downloading. Don’t worry we got you.

Honkai Impact 3 on LDPlayer

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Honkai Impact 3 on LDPlayer

Connection to Genshin Impact:

Both Honkai Impact 3 and Genshin Impact are developed by miHoYo. While the games share similar graphics and gameplay elements, they’re set in different universes. However, there have been crossover events and nods between the games, hinting at some deeper lore connections.

System Requirements and Size:

For PC, Honkai Impact 3 takes up approximately 10GB of space. Regarding RAM, it’s recommended to have at least 4GB for an optimal experience. However, the requirements can change based on updates and additional content.

Open-World Queries:

Honkai Impact 3 is primarily level-based, which means players progress through stages rather than an open world. That said, miHoYo introduced the “Open World” mode in later updates, offering a more expansive exploration experience, though not as extensive as Genshin Impact’s.

Age Rating for Honkai:

Honkai Impact 3 is generally rated for teens (13+). This is due to its action content, mild suggestive themes, and complex narrative.

Honkai Impact and Star Rail:

While “Star Rail” references have been made in the Honkai Impact universe, there’s no strict requirement to play Honkai Impact 3 before any potential Star Rail game or content. Each game has its own unique narrative, though familiarizing oneself with Honkai might enhance the Star Rail experience.

Is Honkai Impact 3 Gender-Specific?

Definitely not! While the main characters are female, the game is designed for all genders. Its intricate story, action-packed gameplay, and stunning visuals appeal to a broad audience.

Platforms and Developer:

Honkai Impact 3 is developed by miHoYo. It’s available on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and PC.

Safety and Cost:

Honkai Impact 3 is safe to play, given you download it from official stores or the developer’s website. While the game is free-to-play, it incorporates in-app purchases. Players can buy in-game currency and other items, but it’s also possible to enjoy the game without spending money.


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Honkai Impact 3 offers a rich gaming experience, blending stunning visuals, an intricate story, and dynamic combat. Whether you’re a fan of the action RPG genre or just exploring new titles, this game provides a captivating journey.

Always remember to check system requirements and ensure you’re downloading from legitimate sources for the best experience.