Higehiro Season 2 Release Date And Cast

For many, the anime “HigeHiro: After being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a Highschool Runaway” ranks among their all-time favourites. Although the anime’s run has concluded, it first aired in the spring of 2021. People who have seen the first season are itching for more.

Description of the Show’s Plot

The manga Shimesaba and Booota adapted for the anime is a romantic comedy in the Japanese style. The anime follows the romance between Sayu, a high school dropout, and Yoshida, an office worker.

At the beginning of the novel, Yoshida works up the nerve to express his feelings to his coworker Airi Gatou, only to be rejected. The young man, crushed, seeks solace in alcohol with his buddies.

On his way back to his flat, he runs across a high school student who wants to spend the night with him. Due to his inebriated state, he agrees to her staying. In the morning, he wants to know how Sayu came to be at his house.

Sayu continues by explaining that she escaped from her family’s home. Since then, she has been forced to resort to prostitution in order to secure a safe overnight stay. Yoshida sympathises with her plight and offers her shelter.

When and Where Can I Catch It?

The anime ran from April 5 to June 28 and has been licenced for North American and Asian distribution by MuseAsia.

Is Season 2 in the Cards?

The anime has not been renewed for a second season at this time. Unfortunately, unlike many other anime that aired at the same time, HigeHiro was not renewed for a second season. The fact that the first season has covered a lot of ground from the light novel is a major problem. Therefore, the creators will need to expand the plot if they plan to air a second season.

The anime’s creator wrote, “Please wait for further news as I will be writing about those ‘various things’ as a spin-off work!” I’m relieved that the chapter on Mishima and Gotou is finally closed.

Therefore, if HigeHiro: After Being Turned Down, I Shaved and Took in a High School Dropout does not return for a second season, we will understand why. There will be new episodes of original video animation or anime films released for fans.

What Else Is Going On, and What We Already Know

The author of the series has stated that a new light novel, titled HigeHiro: Another Side Story, will be released on June 1, 2021. Years later, when Sayu is an adult, Yoshida will meet her and the drama will unfold. The protagonists of the novel are Yuzuha Mishima and Airi Gotou.