Heir Apparent or Afterthought? The Frustrations of Kamala Harris

The president knew he needed West Virginia’s senator on his side, but he wasn’t sure if the vice president was the best person to help him win him over.

It was the middle of the summer, and President Biden had a lot riding on convincing Senator Joe Manchin III, whose vote might swing the balance of power in a deadlocked chamber.

Heir Apparent or Afterthought? The Frustrations of Kamala Harris

Mr. Manchin had been invited to the Oval Office by Mr. Biden, who wanted to personally lobby for his signature piece of domestic policy legislation. Mr. Manchin was about to arrive, and he turned to Vice President Kamala Harris.

A senior White House official described the interaction as “brief pleasantries,” and two other people who were briefed on it confirmed that description.

The incident served as a stark reminder of the difficulty of Ms. Harris’ position, as most presidents promise their vice presidents access and influence but, in the end, power and responsibility are not shared equally.

Mr. Biden does not always feel the need for input from Ms. Harris as he navigates some of his most important responsibilities.

Kamala Harris Complains About Bad Reporting

It has been reported that Vice President Kamala Harris is complaining quietly about the White House’s low morale and the unfair treatment she receives because of her colour and gender.

New York Times reported on Thursday that Harris, the first woman and first person of colour to hold the nation’s second-highest position.

Has “privately” told allies she feels she would get greater media attention if she were white and male like her 48 predecessors.

The report claims that Harris has looked to political heavyweights for guidance, including Hillary Clinton, the first female Democratic presidential nominee.

The Times said in November that Clinton paid Harris a visit in her West Wing office, where the vice president works.

Outgoing Democratic California representative Karen Bass said the White House should have done more to defend Harris publicly.

Against attacks from conservative media and others on matters including voting rights and the border problem.


Vice President Kamala Harris remarked on Sunday’s episode of NBC’s “Meet the Press” that those who refuse to accept the results of the election.

And those in office who support the rioters of January 6 are guilty for damaging the United States’ international standing.

host Chuck Todd on a wide range of topics, including the message that domestic dangers to American democracy send to the rest of the world.