Has Squash Ever Been An Olympic Sport

Los Angeles 2028 has asked a number of sports to make their case for inclusion in the Olympics, including squash, motorsports, cricket, karate, baseball/softball, lacrosse, breaking, kickboxing, and flag football.


Has Squash Ever Been An Olympic Sport

As part of the assessment of the sports programming, all sports have been given clearance to submit suggestions in response to a Request for Information.


Has Squash Ever Been An Olympic Sport

The World Squash Federation issued the following statement in response to the LA28 OCOG’s new sport review process: “At this time, the World Squash Federation (WSF) is giving all required information to the LA28 Games team.”

Timely information will be provided by the WSF.

The nine sports that made the cut will reportedly give their first presentations later this month, as reported by the influential Inside The Games website.

Rules Set by LA28 Will be Binding on The WSF And All Other Sports.

The Inside The Games report stated, “For sports to be successful in securing a place at Los Angeles 28, their presentations are likely to focus on a six-point criteria list which includes supporting environmental stability, upholding integrity and fairness, and acknowledging both interest in the host country and offering global appeal.

A reduction in the expense and complexity of organising the Games, promotion of gender equality, and recruitment of the top athletes have also been emphasised to the relevant International Federations.

Previous squash bids had a limit of three competitors per country (male and female) to ensure a truly international entrance, but the new standards tend to hint that entries will be based more on world rankings, strengthening the potential attraction.

The news will be good for Egypt, whose players now dominate both the male and female ranks.

Squash has long been a leader in promoting gender equality by awarding equal prize money to male and female players.

A number of new approaches to the sport of squash are already being discussed in Brisbane, which will host the Olympic Games in 2032.

Brisbane is Widely Recognised as Australia’s Technological And innovative Hub.

Since its debut in the 1998 Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, squash has been a huge hit with spectators and athletes alike.

After the singles finals on Wednesday, in which New Zealand’s Paul Coll and England’s Georgina Kennedy won gold, squash has been featured in Manchester, Melbourne, Delhi, Glasgow, and the Gold Coast, and is now nearing the climax of the doubles events in Birmingham.

Bendigo, Australia, will play host to the squash competitions at the 2026 Commonwealth Games, which will take place in Victoria, Australia, from March 17-29.