4 Best Hard Drive Recovery Software for Windows 10, 8 and 7

We all keep something of great significance or value in our digital devices such as smartphones, Hard Disk, PC, etc. Thus, we can’t afford to lose them. Even though modern gadgets are trustworthy, there is always a way to weakness. Thus, sometimes, it results in data loss or data breaches. But the good news is there is some Hard Drive Recovery Software which has your back covered.

In reality, when someone accidentally deletes something, it just disappears from the current location. Over time, when you add more data in this, the deleted data gets rewritten. Therefore, the task of retrieving the data is a simple task for certain Data Recovery Software. To recover this deleted data, there is some software that you can count on. Each tool has its unique features and performance. You can try multiple tools to do your work fast.

Best Hard Drive Recovery Software for Windows Devices {Free and Paid}

4 Best Hard Drive Recovery Software for Windows

Sometimes, we delete some important data and then we regret. But, not anymore. we can easily retrieve our delete data using some of the Hard Drive Recovery Software. Here is the list of best 4 Software that will help you to recover your deleted data.

1. Hard Drive Data Recovery with Disk Drill for Windows

The recovery program comes from Clever Files. It is one of the market veterans known worldwide for its technical prowess. The free version can be used for up to 500 MB of recovered data. You can also download a well constructive and responsive application. Some of the great enterprises across the world, use this to restore the lost files or documents. You don’t have to pay a single penny for this. To recover the lost files, all you need to do is click on the Recover button.

Disk Drill doesn’t expect much of user input. Therefore most of the jobs will be performed by it with less user intervention. It is one of the best hard drive recovery software. It is known for its self-explanatory nature. They also provide a substantial knowledge base. This includes all usual data recovery related queries. It mostly pertains to retrieve data from the hard drive and external hard drive recovery. You can find more information on their official website.

2. Prosoft Data Rescue 5 for Windows

It is designed exclusively for Windows. It offers a broad range of data recovery tools to its users. ProSoft Technology focuses on facilitating solutions to help its global customers from the last 25 years or more. Not only this, but it also increases its production and tries to lower the operating and maintenance costs.

Customers requiring wireless solutions not only have superior wireless engineers assisting them, but they also have wireless engineers with a store-house of industrial automation experience. This combination of wireless know-how and automation savvy. Also, it allows them to provide total communication expertise to the customers.

Prosoft extends a free file finder app. This will let you keep track of the files that you have lost. You can also recover them easily. There are two versions of the app – a standard version and a professional version. Both of them offer advanced recovery tools. It leads to an advanced search. You can also discover the files, you want to restore.

3. MiniTool Partition Recovery

MiniTool Partition Recovery can not just recover deleted files. It can also restore a full partition. It is mainly suggested for beginners. This is because it involves basic operations. It focuses primarily on the partition level recovery approach. Partition recovery is an in-built feature in MiniTool Partition Wizard.

It is able to recover lost partitions from IDE disk, SATA disk, SCSI disk, mobile hard disks and other types of disks. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. There are no advanced features. It is very basic for beginners to understand. Rather than scanning the entire partition, only the ones that you want to recover could be scanned in advance.

4. DM Disk Editor and Data Retrieval Software In Verdict

This is another reliable hard drive recovery software. It is well known to people as DMDE. It a versatile app, capable of restoring, finding and editing data on any media (be it photos, videos, documents, etc). It is made up of specialized algorithms. This is a powerful tool to retrieve deleted data. This app is not recommended for beginners.

DMDE is best suitable for people who have hands-on experience with technical skills. The only problem with this software is that it doesn’t get updated frequently but the overall performance is excellent when it comes to data recovery. It can search and recover data, that is invisible to Windows. It is the most striking feature of this app.

5. WonderShare

One of the best data recovery programs in its price range. Wondershare works flawlessly on a wide range of storage devices. It includes camcorders, hard drives, memory sticks, and USB flash drives. It covers an exhaustive list of formats. This enables recovering all kinds of video, audio, pictures, docs, and much more.

It works on all Windows versions. A unique feature in Wondershare that’s not seen in many recovery programs is, that the recovery process or scanning can be paused and resumed at any point in time.



Above all, these are some of the best hard drive recovery software. They can be used to retrieve deleted data. Also, it recovers the data that is lost accidentally due to unknown reasons. This software provides you with security, performance and versatility, speed, windows compatibility, and tech support.

Data loss has become one of the most popular and troublesome issues. So, choosing the right tool to deal with this issue becomes a significant task. Unquestionably, you’ll find a lot of data recovery software or tools online. Choose a high-quality and best suited for your problem!