Guide to Leveling Up Fishing in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Many players coming to World of Warcraft are very fond of game mechanics aimed at pumping, completely forgetting about the wide possibilities of the project in the direction of Entertainment and secondary activities designed to help players earn gold and become more Popular and successful on their server.

Gold as the main currency will always be in short supply, especially at the very beginning of the game, when the character will run around with an empty inventory. You can always follow the quest and grind system, or buy SkyCoach wow gold with a guarantee of anonymity and money back in case of disputes.

Do not forget about leisure – in the World of Warcraft there are many activities that are needed as a source of income and just an option to spend time with pleasure and benefit, and fishing is one of such activities.

Guide to Leveling Up Fishing in World of Warcraft Dragonflight


What is Fishing in World of Warcraft

Fishing is on the list of WoW professions that do not require a free craft slot like other professional mechanics in the world of Azeroth.

In total, the player can learn two main professions to choose from and three secondary ones. Fishing refers to additional skills that any player can master, regardless of his orientation, class, and other features.

To go fishing, you need to buy a fishing rod in any big city and go to the nearest body of water. The fish that is found in the rivers differ from each other both in appearance and in rewards for catching them.

You must remember that while fishing, the basic laws of World of Warcraft do not cease to apply – you can still be attacked by representatives of the enemy faction, or aggressive monsters if you catch their eye.

All rivers and reservoirs have their own quiet and peaceful places, do not be too lazy to find it before you start fishing, so as not to be distracted by strangers.

You will come across many different types of fish, but they will be divided into two categories:

  • Ordinary
  • Special

Ordinary fish are the majority of your corner, you can butcher them and use them in cooking to get enhanced parameters for your character for a time depending on the quality of the resulting ingredients.

Special – this is a type of fish that is not suitable for Food, as its description will also indicate. Such species need to be ground into reagents and sold to alchemists, or inscribers, or one becomes one of them, pumping one’s profession.

An important trick when fishing is that you can not only fish with a fishing rod but also place special nets that will accumulate fish until they are full even if you are offline.

You need to come to the desired place, set up the net, and remove it when you see fit.

Try to choose waters with more valuable fish so that the process is as useful as possible, and does not accumulate large volumes of cheap fish that will not bring much income. Strive to go to the Dragon Islands – as part of the Dragonflight update, these will be the most valuable and rich lands for mining gold and useful items.

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Characteristics of Fish Mastery

Starting with the Dragonflight update, Blizzard developers have added such a concept as characteristic to all professions, regardless of their focus.

These are special parameters that affect the gameplay during the development of the profession.

In total, a representative of fish skill has three main characteristics:

  • Accuracy – allows you to significantly increase the chance to catch more fish with one cast.
  • Dexterity – speeds up the process of casting a fishing rod and the time for hooking prey.
  • Attention – significantly increases the likelihood of catching high-quality fish, which will be of increased value to cooks and inscriptions.

Pay attention to the updated interface in the system of all types of professions – it will give new and useful information about the ingredients, their quality, and influence on the value of the finished Product, but most importantly, notify each successful operation of one of the characteristics and the effect it brought. The event is accompanied by bright animation and sound.

Equipment of the Master Fisherman

In the Dragonflight update, not only passive parameters have been improved, but also active Tools have been added to enhance them. Each representative of the profession received three types of items.

Which can be crafted partly on your own and partly with the help of other craftsmen. This is done to revive the economy and the interaction of players with each other.

With the addition of a quest table that allows players to provide everything they need for crafting and receive custom-crafted items that were previously non-transferrable, crafters can now create valuable equipment of the highest quality for each other.

Items that will help improve the characteristics of the fisherman:

Broker tackle – has a durability limit and is created by an engineer, allowing you to increase your fishing skill by 5 points. Fisherman’s friend – can be draconite or kazgorite. Increases Alertness by 55 or 90 points, respectively, and grants +6 or +15 fishing skills.

Try to apply various enhancements to your fishing rod in order to increase the value of all characteristics for a while and have special effects that make the fishing process easier.

Pay attention to the fact that all items that enhance the parameters are always with you. The World of Warcraft system will automatically detect the presence of useful items and equip them while working with a fishing rod, and remove them when the fishing is completed.

How to Upgrade Fishing in the Dragonflight Update

Guide to Leveling Up Fishing in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

After the release of the next major update in the World of Warcraft, a new territory appeared – the Dragon Islands. It is there that you need to pump the skills of the angler after getting level 60.

You need to get on a ship and sail to new lands and turn to the local NPC to relearn fishing skills.

Now, in order to gain skills, you need to fish only on the Dragon Islands, since there are plenty of places for fishing here.

As always, you will get to level 25 very quickly and then the learning procedure will be slowed down.

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How to Make Money Fishing in the Dragonflight Update

In order to make good money on fishing, you need to find a quiet place and devote a large number of hours to fishing, being distracted only by flights to the city to unload your bags.

There are always chefs in World of Warcraft who are happy to buy your fish and inscribers with alchemists who need ground reagents, so you definitely won’t be left without gold.

Remember that this is a secondary profession aimed at leisure, pumping cooking and earning gold, and prioritizing for yourself.