6 Awesome Hacks for Green Energy

Green energy innovations aren’t just better for the planet: they’re leading to some pretty serious cost-savings, too. As an example, the Empire State Building recently took on an initiative to cut its energy usage by nearly 40%, for an annual savings of over $4 million.

6 Awesome Hacks for Green Energy

Clearly, we have the resources available today to save more energy than ever before. That’s not just on an Empire State Building-sized scale, either. In fact, there are plenty of hacks for green energy in your home that can help you save big on your own bills.

6 Awesome Hacks for Green Energy

1. Keep Energy-Sucking Electronics on a Power Strip

Did you know that your electronics are consuming power, even when you’re not using them? It might not be much, but it definitely adds up over time.

Here’s one of the best hacks for green energy that you might not have considered: use a power strip. That way, you can just flip the switch to the “off” position rather than unplugging everything one by one.

2. Cut Back on Climate Control

Your home’s heating and air conditioning systems are huge consumers of energy. If you’re considering hacks for green energy, then you should consider alternatives to your home’s climate control.

For example, you can wear warmer clothing and turn your heat down, or you can use a hot-water bottle and/or microwave heating pad to stay warm instead. When it’s hot out, wear fewer clothes and be sure to turn your system down when you’re leaving the house.

3. Choose LED Lights

One of the most important hacks for green energy that we’ve seen in recent years is the switch from incandescent lightbulbs to LED lights. LED lights cost more outright, but they will last you longer and pay for themselves in energy savings.

4. Use Solar Power

More and more people are switching to solar power in their homes, and it’s not difficult to see why. Once you’re past the initial investment, you might not even have to pay electricity bills at all!

Check out Solar Generator Reviews online to learn which solar generators will work best for your individual home setup.

5. Insulate Your Doors and Windows

A major green energy solution, especially during the winter months, is adding insulation to your doors and windows. You can find plastic window wrapping kits that make the process cheap and simple.

6. Landscaping Hacks for Green Energy

Planting trees doesn’t just make your home look beautiful. Trees can be a big help when it comes to insulating your home: they block cold winds in the winter and provide cool shade in the summer.

If you’re looking for hacks for green energy, just plant some trees! Building Information Modeling Software helps in creating good building plans that saves energy.


Saving energy is beneficial in so many ways. By actively taking steps towards green energy, you can help the planet (and your wallet, too). Now that you know some of the best hacks for green energy, you can start creating a greener home today!
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