7 Useful Google Apps That You Should Use

We all know about google play. It has got a plethora of apps. Some of them ae just useless apps. Sometimes it also occurs to us that maybe there are just two many apps on the play store. But amidst all the useless rubble there is always gems that are waiting to be discovered. Yes there are obviously the apps that everyone knows about like Facebook, WhatsApp and so on. But there are obviously good apps from the developers that are not so popular among the masses because of the simple reason that not many knows about them.

7 Useful Google Apps That You Should Use

Well you do not have to worry about it anymore because we are here today to tell you about 7 amazingly useful google apps that is a must use. You should at least check them out even if you do not end up using them. Here’s 7 google apps that you should try. Of course they can disappear any moment without any further information because it is after all google we are talking about. But they are available now and so you might just well enjoy them while they last. They are all free of cost so you do not need to worry about paying money. So without any delay let’s get right into the first one.

1. Measure

This is a problem that anyone can come across. You don’t have any measuring tape but you are in urgent need to measure the length of any physical object at your home or work? Well worry not because with this app now you can do it without any measuring tape.

Just open this app Measure and point it to the item that you want to measure. It can be a small box or it can be a truck. Just anything. You point and drag the scale and within moments the app will give you real life measurement of the object. But however measure can only handle metric units.

2. PhotoScan

The name itself is explaining a lot. If you scan a document then this app will allow you to take high quality glare free pictures and save them as digital files. This can be done from your phone camera. You don’t need to go get a high resolution phone for this.

It does all the work automatically. It will guide you in taking the picture and once it is done it will crop it, straighten it and sometimes even edit it to make the photo look good. It is as useful as carrying around a real scanner with you. But it is obviously more easy to carry around.

3. Files

Google’s file manager is good and developing every day but there is something similar made by google that is much better in comparison to the former. Its called the Files app. You can easily get used to its interface that allows you to look at your local files on your phone.

It is simple and easy to use. It can get rid of useless junk from your phone. It can free up space and easily share files with nearby android devices. This is a hassle free way that we all definitely like.

4. TrustedContacts

After using this you will feel like why you didn’t know about it earlier. This app helps you set up location sharing relationship with your friends, family and loved ones. When both people have installed the app and established the relationship, either can request for location at any point of the day. If the person does not respond within 5 minutes then their last location is displayed. Its very useful in case of emergency or lost phone too.

5. VoiceAccess

Android has always been ahead of us with providing us with the ability to access our phone through voice. Google assistant has always been there but there is something other that you can use to take your voice access experience to the next level.

It is an Android feature. It helps you access every part and action of your phone by just using your voice. After setting up this app you can ask your phone to do about anything (that does not include getting milk from the refrigerator!). You can ask it to long press an item or scroll in any direction or select /unselect a text. Now tell me doesn’t that sound cool in itself. It’s a must try! The offer is just to irresistible for anyone to just let go.

6. GoogleMyBusiness

This one is only for those who have a business online. If you do then drop everything and stop asking questions. Just download this app. Its free for the love of god! This app gives you a portal to manage your company’s presence within Google. You can give response to reviews or promote your business profile or get notifications when you have a potential customer. It is not for good for big businesses but it is invaluable to the small business owners.

7. GoogleOpinionRewards

Most of you is unaware of this amazing app. If you are not using it then you should start to use it right from today. It is one of the app gems out there. It allows you to look and take surveys. By answering just a few questions you can enjoy getting some money. This money can be used later for any app or movie purchase from the store. How is that not a deal worth taking? It is absolutely freaking good and you must try it. We promise you won’t be disappointed at all.


We hope that you have found these apps useful. If you have not tried them yet then you definitely should get moving. Good deals don’t always last you know? Take the opportunity when its still there. Download these apps for free and get going. It can and will make your life easier.