16 Best Alternatives to GoMovies Website

Streaming movies on the internet is an integral part of all of our lives, especially when it comes to free movie streaming. We are more independent than ever on digital contents that are published all across the globe of which movies have become a major factor. GoMovies is one such movie streaming website which recently went unavailable to it’s users and it has disheartened many of them. Now, they are on a hunt for new movies streaming platforms which is understandably a tedious task.

But don’t worry, to save your time, we took the initiative to create a list of best free online movie streaming websites that can work as great GoMovies alternatives. Our list will greatly help you in finding a new platform to watch movies on the internet, free of cost. Not just that, these alternatives will let you watch all the latest releases too. In fact, you can even download their content if you want.


16 Best Alternatives to GoMovies Website for You to Watch Movies Online Free 2022

Given below is our list of top GoMovies alternatives. You can go through the list and consider features of all the entries and then decide which one works best for you. Let’s have a look!

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1 – MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher is a free movie streaming website which is considered as the ultimate platform for people searching free entertainment online. The website not only provides movies but also offers television shows without any subscription fee. It is to be noted, MovieWatcher has its 90% content published on its website via third party links. Hence, it’s worth mentioning that whenever you are on a website to stream movies, keep in mind that they shouldn’t ask you for your personal information. If this happens, remember that it is not safe for you to share your personal information such as your credit card details in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.

2 – Vidics

It is a very genuine website which can be a great replacement to GoMovies. On Vidics, users can get unlimited access to movies from all across the globe. Users can also search for a particular movie from their various categories with the help of the tabs present at the top of this website. One of the most noticeable tabs on Vidics is Scheduled tab which offers massive list of television shows and movies which are updated every single day. Furthermore, all the movies comes with a short description of their story and reviews of actors performing in the that movie. However, not all videos available on Vidics are translated. Nevertheless, the website is on continuous improvement to offer reliable services to it’s countless visitors out there.

3 – Viooz

Viooz is a very interactive website with a friendly user interface. With new movies being launched, the website gets regularly updated. In case you are familiar with the website on our list, then we assure you that Viooz is quite similar to use. Although many pop-up advertisements show up throughout the streaming experience. The condition is so bad that you can expect almost 10 different advertisements before the movie you selected even starts.

Same thing happens while downloading content from Viooz. And if you are not a fan of change, then we wish to be beware you that the appearance of the website and it’s homepage constantly changes with each update. If its of any help, the recent changes in its layout are organized and appealing. But the collection of the website is so massive that it will make you keep visiting it.

4 – MovieFlixter

MovieFlixter is a less famous movie streaming website which offers latest and wide range of movies in high definition resolution. Users can now watch these movies online free of cost in best possible streaming experience. Similar to MovieWatcher site, MovieFlixter also indexes videos from other websites and offers links on its platform. All that users have to do is decide what they wish to watch and simply click on that movie. Soon it will start playing automatically.

But for a better streaming experience users can consider getting registered on their platform. Another reason why you should get yourself registered is because website will keep sending you pop-ups to get registered until you do. We think there is no harm in signing up as it is a small price to pay for unlimited free content. MovieFlixter is worth at least one shot.

5 – YesMovies

YesMovies is undoubtedly one of the most interactive platform that primarily focuses on providing latest movies to its audience. When you visit YesMovies you will see movies flashing along with their descriptions. Other than watching movies, you can hover your pointer to reveal all the information of that particular movie, including its video quality. All these features makes the user experience quite interactive and convenient. Another great thing about YesMovies is that it’s always updated. Moreover, users can directly share videos on their social media platforms via their direct links to various social networking websites. In order to check out their entire list of movies you can visit their official page.

6 – Fmovies

You make the most of online movie streaming with Fmovies. This website not only features a huge collection of TV shows and movies but also allow its users to watch them ad-free. Yes, you heard it right. You can watch movies and television shows without signing up or paying any price.

Fmovies offer it’s audience high definition videos along with a straightforward user interface. No more pixelated screens, say hello to your new place to hang out. You can easily find any movie and show and stream it hassle-free on Fmovies. The website also provides great suggestions based on the content that you streamed on their platform. No wonder it is a widely popular website and is preferred by many.

7 – Vumoo

Incredible streaming quality along with a decent user-interface is what makes Vumoo a potentially favourite online streaming website. It is a hassle free platform that provides great picture quality with a categorised layout. All their efforts are in the direction of making streaming experience simple and convenient for its audience. The users can not only enjoy their favourite movies as well as TV shows for free but they are also not forced to get registered. Moreover, they also have the privilege to download their content and watch it offline.

8 – 123Movies

The reason why 123Movies is on our list is because it not only provides a great collection of television shows and movies but it also offers the option of requesting content that you wish to watch. Moreover, the requested content shows up quite quickly on their platforms. Co, the website is updated frequently. The team of 123Movies constantly make efforts to make sure that you are provided with best streaming experience. Furthermore, users can check out their Most View, Most Favorite and top IMDb movies list. All these features can help you in selecting what to watch next. 123Movies is very well organized, their categories are divided based on rating, genre, release year, etc.

9 – Bmovies

Users can enjoy free, high quality movies without any registration on Bmovies. The website also offers a wide range of options to make your streaming experience extraordinary. Most of their movies are generally from genres like thriller, action and sci fi. Lastly, the website is supported in most of the countries.

10 – YoMovies

You can not only watch Hollywood movies and shows on YoMovies but can also stream South Indian, Telugu, Punjabi and Bollywood movies. The website do not ask it’s visitors to get registered and allow them to stream content without any interference. YoMovies offer latest movies and TV shows from a wide range of genre for all kinds of visitors. You should definitely check out YoMovies for a change.

11 – IOMovies

You can find almost any television show or movie on IOMovies and stream it in high definition video quality without getting registered. On IOMovies you do not have to wait for any ad loads, the whole user experience on this platform is convenient and premium quality. Their collection has been divided according to genres, rating and release year. Users can also choose between their different servers. This feature comes in handy if the video you are playing is not working on one of the servers. Moreover, the website is supported in most of the Nations.

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Top GoMovies alternatives have been roughly introduced in this article. You can visit and check which one is of your taste. You can use ad blockers on websites with excessive advertisements. Thank you for reading!